The Hate is Real: Facebook Group Vows Revenge on Black Women with Syringes

People wonder why this blog still talks about the dysfunctions in the black community. They argue that we should just ride into the sunset with “Biff” and shut up. The problem with that is, the hateful factions of that black community continue to threaten, harass, and wish violence on black women. Too bad most people don’t believe us.

I was on Facebook yesterday and came upon this page and video:

The group calls itself “The Infectors,” and encourages black men who have been “wronged” by black women to gmail them to get…syringes, ostensibly containing some unknown, physically harmful substance.




The insane person who runs the page says that “black women should pay for their sins of idolatry and fornication.” They claim what they are doing is sanctioned by God.


A quick look at the other pages this group of crazies like and it’s not really a surprise. One of these “men” have called for the mass murder of black women. I’ll let you guess which one.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.10.19 PM

When I posted this mess on our fan page, many people rushed to report that page to Facebook, in which the entity responded with a negative. The page apparently doesn’t pose a threat. Really? What constitutes a threat? When a group vows to inject white women with a potentially harmful substance?


Long time fan, Matthew W. has released the following appeal. I hope you’ll be galvanized into action. The time is gone to ignore these bastards. Ignoring them isn’t working. Threats like this need to be taken seriously.


This evening, I saw this post at the Beyond Black and White Facebook Page from @Christelyn on what I personally think identifies a Facebook group that breeds hatred towards black women (and some could say that it goes as far as advocating violence against women of color).  Facebook groups – and pages similar to this – have no place on the Internet (I would be saying this regardless of the hate dished out to any ethnicity, nationality, or race).


Tonight,  I reported this video right here to Facebook administrators.  I reported the same video to YouTube administrators as hate speech – it is threatening and bullying, too (it viloates multiple terms of YouTube service).


As I said above, this is a form of hate speech that is intolerable (like all hate speech is).  There’s a popular misconception that presences like this on social networks and other web sites is governed by the First Amendment.  The First Amendment defines the relationship between the citizen and the government.  It does not define your relationship between the citizen and social media (in this case, Facebook?).  I encourage everyone to report this video to Facebook as hate speech (it is sick, vile crap that has no place in our society).


Thank you,


Matthew W. (Guest Author)


Longtime fan of Beyond Black and White.

Graduate of Mayville State University (Mayville, ND), Virginia Tech, and Georgetown University


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