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The TBC Conspiracy Continues: "Women, Stay Hidden!" WTF?!

Lawd have mercy. Thanks to a fellow BB&W member I watched a You Tube video that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. There’s a whole lot of mouth-farting going on, but here’s the highlight: this “minister” says it’s the woman’s responsibility to “stay hidden,” and thus, online dating will never reap you a godly husband:


Now, this burns me up. Deborrah Cooper caught a lot of hell over her now-(in)famous post on how the Traditional Black Church is conspiring to keep black women single and lonely. Apparently she got some really ugly emails from some so-called Christians who dubbed her the anti-christ. Come on, people! Time to rise up and call it was it is! Completesackofshit! Say it with me! Completesackofshit!

God bless you, every one. 🙂

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