Time to Start a Prayer Chain for Azalea Banks. She’s Bleaching Her Skin.

Honestly it breaks my heart that this woman’s tortured mental state is on full display for all the world to see. Now it looks like Azalea Banks joined the ranks of Lil Kim and has begun to bleach her skin, using the notorious Whitenicious.



Some folks are questioning how she can be so pro-black and elevating black women while undergoing this harmful regimen, and with her usual snakiness she said:

Congrats Brazil ! I’m not bald ??

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It hurts my heart that so many black women are willing to risk their lives to appease to a demented standard of beauty. Not only is the bleaching utterly unnatural looking and leaves the user more gray and a lighter shade of brown, but the toxic chemicals absorbed through the skin has to be processed in the liver. This the possibility of

  • skin turning dark or too light
  • thinning of the skin
  • visible blood vessels in the skin
  • scarring
  • kidney, liver or nerve damage
  • abnormalities in a newborn baby (if used during pregnancy)

so minuscule a concern that black women are willing to take that risk? WHY? Why would you seek the approval of a group that values your lightness over your health and self respect?? There are billions of people on the planet. Why focus on changing for a group that rejects you when you can find individuals, communities and even countries that will celebrate you just as you are??

This is how Azealia looked before the bleaching.


A photo posted by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on


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