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Tracy Renee Jones: Girls with Guns

There’s a war going on against females.

It comes in so many forms and fashions that the average mortal sometimes just can’t recognize it. But there are those of us who have a keener eye.

There are those of us who live among you that came to challenge the masses.

Who are we?

We are your action (s)heros.

We are your warrior women.

We are the girls with guns.

To the naked eye we might appear to be just simple women. Look a little deeper and you’ll see keloid scars in place of historic battle wounds; this job does not come without bruises.

Each one of them has a story to tell. Do you have time enough to listen?

Often time the suffering may come at the hands of those who we are trying most to protect, but alas, we do this for no other reason than to pay it forward so that other females know there is hope.

There is that God….or someone to look up into the sky towards.

A woman child should know that she is loved by some one if by no one else.

Action (s)heroes are ordinary women who react to life in extraordinary ways.

What’s this amazing power we all have, you ask?

We speak our truths. In so many ways, shapes and forms.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

And sometimes a microphone.

Or a keyboard.

Or a camera.

Or a podium.

Self expression and dialogue is very valuable, but I don’t mean merely having a neutral two sided debate of talking points on issues that affect women. That was just the start; being a topic of discussion was at one point considered progress, indeed, but we haven’t yet gotten to that deep, disgusting part yet.

The part that people like to pretend doesn’t exist. It makes everyone uncomfortable but girls with guns break through the door to release you. To spring females out of an existence where they think it’s just them suffering alone through what their suffering through.







Girls with guns are different.

You’ll be standing there minding your business and a girl with a gun will run up on you and force you to understand something you didn’t know you didn’t.

By the time she’s done with you you’ll understand her observation and why she accuses the reality given to her of being fucked up.

An action hero will have you jumping out of a window as emotions like blind rage and disgust swallow the sky as you barely escape on some Matrix shit.

A (s)hero will make you hear her complaints.

Our complaints.

The complaints.

She will tell you about the hopes that were stolen and how she wants them back.

Somebody has got them and you might know who.

When an action (s)hero is angry she blows shit up.

You may disagree that this is useful; I disagree with your disagree-ance.

Sometimes when people don’t listen it helps to throw things.

Females all over the world take shit daily because they are female.

Your pussy stinks. Go wash it.

We smile as we chew it up and spit out blood shaped into a heart that still chooses to beat for the sake of finding redemption in living.

There’s beauty here.

But first she must take out the garbage.

She wasn’t wrong in her analogy. Many girls are broken by the enemy; many learn that the beat down is real but some of us are made of tougher stuff.

Why did Sophia have to hit that woman?

Or maybe some of us just like to fight. Now female actions heroes are sexy.

You need females like me to tell everyone else that if a woman wants to fuck everything that moves she shall and so what’s it to you if your not attached to the d*ck she’s breaking off tonight?

You need females like Nikki to tell you that it’s okay to not want to be bothered with men, ever, at all because (s)heroes come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

You need females to make vocal their displeasure with the centuries old traditions. You need to see warrior women like Shirin Neshat fight the power ever so gracefully and with the ferocity of a lion.

I’m go glad that Akila Rose reminded me that females still need to know that it’s okay…to be oh-fucking-kay with speaking your mind regardless of whether you have the big words needed to make it be proper for the pompous bastards. The only words a female needs are the ones that come out of her mouth to tell the world what it is that she will. I hope she continues to be brave enough to do so.

Why get confused when you see a woman with a gun?

Haven’t you heard she’s been getting beaten, raped, disrespected, murdered, abused, violated, and oppressed?

Oh, you did hear about how they’ve beaten her ass?

You say she should give it to God…but she shouldn’t have anything to say to other humans about it?

Lord, don’t let me miss…..

Rihanna got flack for shooting a dude after an assault in a staged video. Considering that she also got her ass whipped in real life you’d think the chick would get a pass as she works out her issues in an artistic way. People were angry because the woman is a warrior and she chose to claim her eye for that eye that was violated…artistically. But they were mad at that.

Rihanna’s got a gun!

More girls should have them, but when girls gets guns, they also get jail time because people don’t believe that females shouldn’t save other women, even if that woman is themselves.

But shooting is the least of what I would do if and when I can get my hands on the guy that assaulted someone I would kill for to begin with.

Girls need mother love from other women who used to be girls.

The only people that we can hope will truly understand many of our plights are other women. ‘

Sometime women should ‘slut walk’ even if all it means is that your own men can demean you until they are verbally spent. And then you’ll still be a “slut” choosing to walk because women need to know they have a choice to fit molds created by themselves and not ones cinching female behavior models like a fucking Victorian corset.

Women need women to fight for other women because sometimes men can’t, won’t and don’t. Please tell @inetespionage how much I appreciate the way she held me down when they tried to burn me at the steak for having the nerve to bleed in public.

So are you gonna sit here and continue to wait for the lifeboat of men on white stallions to come?

Women need to know there are other women who will voice the truth whether or not there’s anyone willing to back up her story and co-sign.

(S)hero’s show up with blades drawn for the insignificant and discarded girls who are unable to defend themselves.

Women need to see other women standing up for themselves because when we stand up for ourselves we stand up for us all.

How do you know if you are an action hero?

Look around you. When you see wrong and can’t help but to speak up then you are a (s)hero to some female out there who sees the wrong in her life but feels unable, incapable or is not yet ready to vocalize her truth. You’ve lifted her burden…just a little.

You are saving a life when you have suffered a shame or injustice due to your gender but refuse to cloak yourself in silent omission. If you divulge the disgusting and improper life you’ve lived so that another woman may raise her head up high then you are every bit of a woman with a gun. Like LA.

Vengeance is sweet, my love.

Don’t let them fool you!

Silent suffrage is neither noble nor productive. Besides, the longer you stay silent the easier it is for them to bully us.

I don’t like being bullied…never did.

United we stand; divided we fall.

They can’t take all of us.


But whatever you do…don’t forget to take your gun.

Spitting Out Blood from L.A. on Vimeo.

Spitting Out Blood, by the Artist LA (@ucancallmeLA)

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