#Trending: African Prints

Oh yes, we are throwing back to the 70s dashiki without the bean pies. Ok, maybe I went a skosh bit too far but I must say, African prints are so in, there is no way they can be out. The geometric shapes and bright colors have taken the fashion world by storm and everyone is trying to get in on it. Well, at least they should.

The best way to wear this trend is to mix the prints with the solids and only mix print with print if you are comfortable and know what you are doing..ergo…don’t do it. 🙂

So of course I have devised a plan to get you ladies to tap into your “roots” and go a little tribal. I mean, you really couldn’t go wrong in these updated versions of African print.


Tribal Gone Casual

African Print Casual






Neon Lights in Africa

#Trending: Africa Prints Capri



Nubian Neutral

#Trending: Africa Prints Skirts



Welcome to the Concrete Jungle



#Trending: Africa Prints Blazers
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