How Yours Truly Played Cupid with New Power Couple, Film Maker Chris Silber and Dr. Misee Harris

I first met Chris Silber during the release of My Last Day Without You, a movie loosely based on Chris’ personal story. Soon after, Chris and I became quick friends, and I got the chance to meet Jolieta, the beautiful spirit who inspired the movie. By that time, Jolieta looked frail, but she was still sweet and smiling. A few weeks later, I learned that she lost her fight with cancer, ending her and Chris’ 15-year union. I saw Chris handle the loss with dignity and optimism, and celebrated his wife’s memory openly.

But I knew Chris was lonely. He’d been happily and faithfully married to a woman he fell in love with on first sight. So I decided to play Cupid. I told him about a pretty brilliant and pretty looking young woman that I thought would be a good fit–the one and only Misee Harris, DDS, television personality and up-and-coming actress. I arranged the introduction, but I wasn’t 100% sure Misee would go for it, because up until Chris, she hadn’t ever dated interracially.

For the life of me, I couldn’t understand how this beautiful, brilliant and super-sweet Southern belle wasn’t already happily hitched! She’s a dentist, inventor, and entrepreneur. Why hadn’t she been snatched up? I first wrote about it here.

I tried to get the couple together at the Swirlr premiere party, but alas, they missed the first opportunity. The did connect on Facebook, however, and that’s when Chris learned of her interest in acting. Chris finally connected with Misee when she came up for consideration for a comedy series he was creating, Live from Schittburgpremiering in September. And that’s when the sparks went all the way off!


There was some bumps in the road, though. I remember having to coach Misee on the dating habits of successful European men, because she wasn’t used to all the spoiling. “I’m used to asking my guy if he wants me to buy him those $300 Nikes that just came out!!” she said. Like many black women, she thought it was her job to jump through hoops of fire and audition for “wifey.” I also made her pick up a copy of Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed. 

Once she got over her initial wariness and allow herself to be wooed, and loved, their relationship really began to blossom. I remember smiling when I got a note from her saying, “I’m so glad I listened to you, Christelyn! Chris treats me like a queen!”

I got to see their love first hand when they came out to my neck of the woods to my favorite winery for dinner. They were almost syrupy with their affection and were clearly in love. They also have an incredibly robust sense of humor and they had me falling over laughing. Misee has also been greeted with open arms by Chris’ two children. His youngest is especially smitten.


There is truly a connection, and I’m rooting for them.

Chris and Misee recently “came out” with their relationship on, and their Facebook group to help promote an incredibly worthy cause, treating Miyya, a young girl seriously burned as a child, on a shopping spree. Here’s the statement from Dr. Harris:

Miyya is an amazing young lady who went through a horrible injury at an early age that scarred her for life. She could have become an outsider, people called her a freak. But Miyya did something courageous that will shock you. She is the most inspiring person I have seen in a long time. I searched for her because of this video. In September my non profit organization, Dr. Misee Harris Project Smile, will visit Miyya to give back a little of what she has given to so many people out there. We are currently raising money to give her and her younger step sister Jayla the time of their lives and to get her story out to many more people.


Beyond Black & White has contributed, and I encourage all of you to do the same. Let’s support and empower our young girls! Let’s show them that the world is their oyster! Give here.

Here’s some candid photos I took of Chris and Misee. She for yourself how strong their connection is.

IMG_9832 IMG_9835


Congratulations to my dear friends, Chris and Misee!

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