Utterly Speechless…Is Kim Kardashian Wearing Blackface?!

First, it was our vocal talent.

Second, they took our lips.

Then, it was our asses.

Now, it’s our color.

I guess everyone is better at being a black woman than an actual BLACK WOMAN.

I’m in utter shock right now.

The other side will perhaps argue that this is “bronzer.” Really? Is that what they’re doing now? Bronzing until you look black? They’re bronzing stomachs, too?

Are you seeing this?

No, really. Are you SEEING this.



Cue the speakers for the cacophony of people who will now claim that black women are being “hateful and bitter.”

All the time, we are told that black women are “utterly undesirable, undateable, unmarriageable,” and then this woman, married to a black man, takes on all the phenotypical qualities of a black woman so she can be…what?? The “NEW and IMPROVED” black woman; one who fulfills all the fantasies of the black man, without all the headache?

Are you ladies done yet? Just tell me when you’re done.

Wait. Someone on the fan page said this: “This isn’t black face. If you don’t know what blackface really is, I suggest you google it. This is just a white chick tanned in brown make up trying to see how’d she look black. She actually doesn’t look bad. Now blackface, well they look horrible, especially with the white or pink over exaggerated lips and acting like they’re dumb.”

Just as an aside, blackface is meant to be a MOCKERY. So…yeah.

And if someone thinks this might be a random fluke, allow me to point to you a picture of Floyd Mayweather’s non-black girlfriend someone shared on our page…



I dare someone to come in here and try to rationalize this. Honestly. We black women can’t rinse off the melanin that causes us to be judged, marginalized and demonized, in the shower, like this chick can.

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