Video: (most) Black Women Aren’t Sex-Starved Jezebels, So Come Correct in Online Overtures!

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Got another letter from my YouTube Channel (by the way, have you subbed yet?)

Some of my male alum from high school (the married ones) have some very attractive and single, male friends. Our connection is via Face Book. How can I introduce myself to these single men on Facebook? And if they ask me what it is I do for a living (security guard), how do I tell them I’m a security guard? This 2nd question is more difficult than the introduction because I’m ashamed of my lowly, low wage job (not my chosen career). Assistance please!

Also, I’m straightforward on my IDC (Interracial Dating Central) profile but the local men aren’t contacting me. I’m receiving lots of “flirts” from men in other parts of the USA. Once phone numbers are exchanged, they seem to ONLY want to text and ask for more pictures and then they eventually ask for nudes and pictures of my vagina. I don’t stoop to that lowness.

What gives? Why are women sending these types of pictures to men and why are they giving it up so easily? It makes for finding a true LTR very difficult. Every man says that women are playing games….when its the other way around (that I see).

Please respond.

Thank you for your much appreciated time.

What say you, ladies and gents?

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