Video: The Nive Nulls Have a Baby!

Thanks Mimi for posting this on the BB&W fan page!

Take a look-see…

You know what I’m thinking, right? You know what I’m going to say, huh? You know what I loved the most about this? The tears in the father’s eyes. You can hear audible sobs of joy at around 6:46 He’s so excited to be a father. I’m so happy for this kid–looks like she’s got a great start with great parents to planned and fluffed their nest. Kudos to them! I know I sound like a broken record, but ladies, sharing this experience with someone who loves you and is committed to you should not be missed. Nobody can tell me that this way isn’t the best way. Well, I guess they could, but I wouldn’t pay them a lick of attention. You have to wonder about folks who push so hard to convince us that this is passé. Don’t believe the lies, ladies and put down that can of Okey Doke.

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