Video: White Men Dish on Why They Love Black Women…The “Darker the Better??”

I’m becoming more intrigued with the non-Tyler Perry offerings over at the OWN Network. Take a look-see what’s coming.

Dark Girls, a fascinating and controversial documentary film, explores the prejudices that dark-skinned women face throughout the world. Tune in on Sunday, June 23, at 10/9c to see women share their personal stories. Plus, find out how a new generation is learning to love themselves for who they are.

In one episode, white men comment on thier attraction to dark-skinned black women.

This is interesting. I’m hoping this doesn’t start a fire storm (who am I kidding; it will) but…It may be self-serving from me to notice, but many MANY rainbeaus seem to be attracted to very dark women. This is a far departure from what the GAT-DL drilled about how white men only wanted “white looking women.” In fact the very category of women rejected by the black community in huge swathes–dark-skinned black women–seem to draw the eye of rainbeaus open to interracial relationships. We touch on this subject a bit in SWIRLING…the interviews were quite revealing. No shade toward my light-skinned sisters, though, okay? Ya’ll are BOO-TI-FUL.

What say you, rainbeaus? Do you find yourselves more attracted to the darker-hued lovlies?

In any case, we should all tune in to watch the world television premiere of Dark Girls on OWN Sunday, June 23, at 10/9c.

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