Black Women's Empowerment

Viola Davis Wins an Emmy for “How to Get Away with Murder!”

Congratulations to Viola Davis, who we’ve watched go through struggles being a black woman in Hollywood that doesn’t fit the traditional stereotypes. She blew those stereotypes out of the water!!

Viola is TRULY a black woman redefined. First black woman EVER to win the best actress in a drama series award at the 2015 Emmys on Sunday, and she wasn’t playing a maid, hooker, mammy, or jezebel.

I’m so incredibly proud that this woman represents us. I’m so grateful Shonda Rhimes, for CREATING these opportunities and TRAIL BLAZED through the Hollywood pablum and REDEFINED and CHANGED THE GAME.

Best believe this is a revolution, my lovelies.

Viva la revolution!

P.S. Are checking this woman’s FIERCE natural hair and toned Michelle Obama arms?? LOVE!!

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