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Weekend Read: Cora Blu’s “BLADE” Book II


“BLADE” Book II. By Author Cora Blu

Brothers of Element Series.

Tiger shark shifter’s

First mating.

To save the ocean and their people, King Blade and Miyuki must mate and bond to feed their source of shifting, Clear Coral.

Blade has no memory of Miyuki outside of the last two month since his accident and can’t remember what he did to break up their friendship. She holds two hundred years worth of pain and friendship. All she can handle is raw…don’t love her…please!!!

Chapter Eleven

”You requested I not hide my emotions from you. I ask that you not hide the lust you hold for me. You do not remember the feelings you have for me so please, share only those you feel right now. Do not pretend to love me.” Her cold request bit at the man inside. Lust was not his only emotion for her. It was the only one she could deal with he noticed. He would give her raw, cold and unattached. “If all I deserve is your physical lust then I will not accept a watered down version. I want the same passion I felt when you touched me in the pool. I want every moan and scream, every sigh and groan I bring to your body. I want to hear every sensual to explicit thought erupting in your mind from my hand. Aloud, everything, Miyuki…every little reaction.”

He needed to please her senses and not just her body.

Angling her backward, fingers groping for the bathroom wall, Blade caught a hand to the cold stone. Sucking a breath, their mouths fused together, he tasted her fire. A burning for her mate.

His stripes tingled behind Miyuki’s hand sliding down his thigh, lifting the weighted hem of his sarong. He watched her lick her tongue out over her sensual lips. Stroking her nails over his bare flesh, fire licked up through his groin. Fumbling with the raw silk material, her fingers traced the waistband of his wrap, prying up the clasp holding the belt closed. His skin trembled behind her touch.

His fingers closed over her slender ones, helped her removed his underwear, skimming the cotton down his hips. His heart seized, warm lips brushed over the tip of his erection. Tongue tasting the moisture easing from the slit, slipping down the sides of his erection, playing over the thick veins. She groaned as if tasting the finest of wines and rubbed her cheek over the length of him. Eyes closed flexing her fingers over his behind her nails biting into his hips.

“You want everything–okay.” Licking her lips, Miyuki rubbed the tip beneath her chin, then said, “This is not the first time I’ve seen you, but the first time I’ve held you. So beautiful, so male, so large,” her breath warming the head of his erection.

“It will fit,” he grimaced under her touch trying not to explode.

“I don’t doubt you’ll try.”

Would her animal fight her now? Raw was the only way her animal could allow him to make love to her. Was it truly, what she wanted? Needed?

Pressing her hair off her face, he feasted on the vision of her returning up his body slowly kissing a trail up his hip, over his waist. Serrated teeth grazed his abs. His world shook under her attentive touch. The tip of her tongue traced his naval, sending fire licking through his groin, now jutting out away from his body hard and swollen. Her mouth was a breath away from touching him. A blink away from covering the head of his fierce arousal him straining to have her slip her lips over him.

Her lips parted before she said, “Remember, you will crave only me after our mating,” she moaned over his skin as if a warning.

“Then you will be busy.”

Rising to his face, Miyuki curved her fingers around his neck. Blade made quick work of unzipping her sheath. Squatting down he allowed the silky material to pool around her feet.

Sliding his hands behind her calf, he started to kiss her pebbling skin before she pushed at his shoulders.

He yanked her to him, shaking her enough to have her grasp the sink, clutching the edge. Dragging his tongue up her calves he nipped the tight muscles, her intoxicating scent a drug. He flattened a hand over her back, she trembled when he angled her deeper over the sink pushing her round orbs high in the air like a sensual offering. .

On his knees, he slid his hands up the backs of her thighs leaving a trail of moisture behind each kiss. The silky panties hit the floor. The sight of her firm tan behind brought his animal crashing up through him. That would be too raw, he thought. He inhaled and forced it down.

Squeezing her perfect body, each bite emitted a moan from Miyuki. Loving the sound, he continued up the muscle leaving his mark to trail up the backs of her legs. Teasing her soft skin between his teeth, tiny flush traces trailed behind each nip. Long white hair brushed over her behind, hiding her tailbone, beautiful. The sweet dip he longed to taste masked by the fall of all that thick hair. He bared his teeth, gripping her waist harder than he intended fingers dimpled her soft flesh.

“Your hair!” a seething snarl crossed his lips, his need to see all of her tore at his body. Miyuki grabbed the long tresses dragging them across her shoulder. Each strand exposing very beautiful tan skin down her back to his hungry raw stare.

Watched it blush under the sweet warm tone, behind each nip he placed traveling up her thighs. Kissing, laving the marks with a long stroke of his tongue.

“Uh!” Miyuki’s grunts filled the room, echoing around his head, urging him to lick along her spine, sucking, hands protecting her stomach away from the hard edge of the sink.

Tasting her skin, he moved up the gentle curve between her shoulders sliding his tongue over her neck and biting his way down to her bra. Her sweet ass cradled the length of him as he leaned along her back.

The bra fell away with one bite to the clasp, delicious breast filled his hands cupping underneath them.

He jerked her into his arms angled her toward the shower. Reaching in he flipped the lever and warm water poured from the ceiling in a waterfall of liquid warmth. Bumping the sink, Blade cursed out.

He tried to focus around the emotion pushing up through him. Emotion he hadn’t expected when all he felt was lust. No, all she wanted was raw lust, but his true desire wouldn’t be satisfied, tonight they shared raw. Was it his or Miyuki’s lust pushing him to take her to the floor and sink deep inside until his memories closed around them like a blanket of warmth? The manic way she fed on his mouth peaking his hunger to a level close to his animal’s behavior. He forced that predatory hunger down into that safe place within his soul. There would be time, not today.

The heat from her core saturated his stomach, her long legs grouped around his waist and his fingers biting into her bare behind. He preened with pride hearing a groan seep from her hot mouth, ignited by his touch, her back grinding into the wall with his fevered kisses.

He cradled her breasts in his hand, flicking the taught nipples under the pads of his fingers. Mounding the soft flesh in the palm of his hand, he ducked his head began kissing down the gentle slope of her neck. He nipped and bit at her tender skin. His stroked a thumb over her nipple, the hard little piece of candy tempted him to taste. He gave in, caught the candy gently between his teeth, licking his tongue across the sweet tip just inside his mouth. Their height difference had his back arched in a severe curve to grasp it between his lips but the discomfort paled to the pleasure of his female body in his mouth.

No words passed between them as they entered the steamy shower stall. Her legs gripped his waist her arms around his neck. Heat from her core penetrated his fevered skin.

Water beat between their bodies, slicking the friction of bare skin to bare skin. Reaching between them, he slipped a finger inside her slick feminine folds, spread open above his arousal. Blade tried to focus.

His hair a wet curtain sticking haphazardly around their bodies he swiped at the strands over his face. “I only have enough patience for raw, Miyuki,” he warned and hissed when she removed his finger to seat herself over his straining turgid body. Tight and muscled her walls gripping down the length of him going deep to the end where she ended, her womb. “Sweet hell, Miyuki.”

“Blade—,” she groaned. Her face buried between his shoulder and his neck the vein straining under her tongue stroking relentlessly. Her hips rocked into him. Slamming her harder than he intended into the shower wall, Blade began thrusting up into her tight body. Miyuki slapped a hand to the wet wall above her head bracing for support. Her fingers dug into his shoulder, the biting sensation urging him to take her without letting up. She had not been his first but he could no longer remember any other woman.

Her ankles digging into his behind, he could barely control the hunger for this woman. Grabbing one leg, he angled it over one shoulder pushing his body deeper into hers, smiling her nails digging into his shoulders. She pulled him closer, wanting what he offered, accepting him. Nearly faltering seeing pleasure ride across her face, he watched her jaw go slack under the pleasure.

Hips thrusting Blade sensed his climax reaching for Miyuki, pinned over him to the wall. Her manic grunts rang through the space.

Her body began to jerk with an odd rhythm. “Blade…I…Ah.” Her teeth latched onto his neck. Mouth open over his skin, she bit down tighter, the sensation a second layer of fire arcing wildly through him. He couldn’t get enough, his climax fighting to surge from his body.

Fisting the tender flesh of her behind, he held her to the wall, pounding into her. Latching onto her shoulder, the sweet scent of her skin infusing his senses making his body jerk and buck inside her little body.

He ate her screams of release as he fed her the orgasm tearing through his body, through the length of him to fill her womb. Fill her completely. He sucked the swollen flesh of her lips into his mouth, moaning his pleasure. Nails scraping down his, he threw his head back with a guttural groan.

Minutes passed he found he had not splintered into tiny pieces, and kissed her flush face then swollen lips.

Light panting, breathing over her mouth, he ran his hands down her subtle curves. Gently sloping hips. Perfectly tan skin he kissed a mere touch of his lips to brush over the sensitive pebbled surface. He felt the tightening around his heart ease. Somehow empty caverns through his body seemed to breathe in her essence within him now. A tap of compassion that wasn’t his danced behind a veil in the back of his mind. Could the bonding start with such a little taste from her?

Dragging his hand along the tiled ledge, he grasped the tall bottle of shampoo. Blade squeezed a large dollop of the creamy cleanser. Let me wash your hair. He lathered thick shampoo through her long tresses, caressing lean muscles crossing her shoulders. He could tell she allowed him access to a side of her no other man had seen. She put her comfort in his hands. Pulling some of the lather from her hair she threaded her finger through his hair began washing the long length down over his shoulders.

He massaged his fingers through her hair, watched it to slip between his fingers, surprised it never curled. Blade pressed a kiss to her soapy hair. Two months of watching her enter his home to visit once a day after the accident. Suds rinsed down over her curves. She gave herself over to the peace of the moment he noticed. No tension, no stiff joints, no rejection.

Miyuki moaned under his attention. He allowed his hands to slip over her soft skin as she turned into his embrace. Slowly closing his arms around her, he shielded her face from the stream flowing off the waterfall style showerhead. Miyuki burrowed against his chest, gentle arms encircled his waist, hands flat over his back.

“Your peace feeds my soul.”

She held her face up, brushed her mouth over his chest, water slipping between her lips. Blade breathed in her scent, her arousal. Threading his fingers through her hair he lifted the silky strands let them slip through his fingers, rinsing the soap down her blushed skin.

He watched her eyes close, her breath catch, lowering his mouth now kissing down her temple. “I will have you again, pretty orchid.”

He ran a hand down the lean muscle of her arms, control strength pulsed beneath his hands, his hidden female predator.

“The bed this time,” Miyuki’s voice a warm plea.

“Did I hurt you?”

Shaking her head, “Just raw lust,” she urged fisting his hair draped over his chest. Blade breathed in her feminine need, beating at him. “I need you raw, truly raw this time.”

Did she comprehend what she asked for? He burned from a place he had little control over when he looked at her. A fire not controlled by his memories, but the electric current pulsing through his every muscle. Emotional control he had, raw physical he wasn’t certain who controlled.

“You have never seen the raw shifter you request. You may not like him, may not be able to handle him,” he warned blood surging, through his body at her simple request.

“You have no idea what I’ve seen from you,” she told him. “Raw—Blade Bartholomew.”

And he hadn’t. “Then it will be raw,” he breathed voice graveled.

“Now,” she urged. “We can’t bond until you remember me and until you remember me you don’t love me. Don’t hurt me again, saying you do. I can’t handle that.”

The words left her seconds before Blade’s fingers sank into her hair, bending her back attacking her mouth. Fire kicked up through his body as their tongues danced, twisting around the other.

He held nothing back from her giving her the lust and raw physical desire he has for her. Pinning her to the shower wall feeding on her lips, tipping her face he got in closer. Exploring her tongue with his, one wicked sweep after another sending his restraint into a slippery grip he was losing one finger at a time. Adjusting his grip, he cupped her inner thighs, slipped along her slick body and nearly came from the sensation.

She needed him to take her rough, raw. Could sense a faint crackling around the edges of her mental connect with him. Was he finding her? Could it be as simple as one mating? Blade’s body on fire burned her mind back to the moment, his neon blue eyes focused on her face, mouth curved on the corner.

Suds from his hair dripping down her face, blinding her, she groped the wall handles, directed the water flow over his head. It poured from the ceiling. A warm steady stream saturated their bodies tingling over already sensitive skin. Miyuki fed at his lips, hungrily pressing her nails into the corded muscles wrapping around his back. She fought not to scream out how much she’s thought of this. How she needed this for more than Clear Coral or the shifters. Instead, she focused on not whimpering like a virgin her first time and finding the man was more than she could handle. Blade’s body promised to be that man for her, even though he wasn’t her first, he would be more than she could handle, physically and mentally.

Digging for purchase over his slick body, she waited to feel blood. She had to have pierced the taught skin under her fingers. Locking her ankles over his behind, Miyuki gripped her nails along his back. His muscles clinched under her biting caress. Fingers gliding, searching the ripples and valleys of his thick torso as his strong hands cupped her behind holding her over him. Air shuddered through his chest under his deep inhale. They shared the exhale through a searing kiss.

Musky, sweet, and warm his wet flesh she kissed down his throat, his shoulders, anywhere close to her lips. Blade caught the brunt of her back hitting the wall again before gripping her hips.

“Not enough room in here,” he grunted stepping over the lip of the shower stall. Bumping the sink with his hip, Blade cursed out mouth fastened over hers. She instinctively reached down and stroked the muscled hip, him groaning out his thanks.

Guttural, feral, untamed even the sound thrilled her. Enough would never be enough of this man that she hungered for all her life. Memories or not, Blade was hers.

Stumbling wet down the short hall, he carried her, hair dripping over the carpeted floor. As her back hit the bed Blade’s large wet muscled body crushed over her before finding herself on top of him her legs straddling his hips.

He cursed out inhaling her scent holding her hips above his chest. Miyuki never felt so desired than what she saw in his eyes, pure animal lust, and caught herself as her body jerked forward. Blade’s fingers dug into her hips over his face, his mouth on her, tongue dipping, licking her swollen flesh.

She cried out, his fingers playing along her behind pressing her against his tongue torturing her one thrust then another. His nose flicking the tender nerves just outside of her… “Blade,” his name forced from her mouth with his strong licks. Back arching, thrusting her hips into each stroke, her knees bucked against his chest. Her climax burned down through her like liquid sulfur singing her nerves. Her body fought with each thrust, fighting to not fracture into tiny pieces of fire, sulfur, the sulfur of their heritage. Shifter heritage. This mating was for her people.

Grasping the headboard, she pressed her fevered cheek to the cool wall. Blade lifting her hips to work her body to a limp version of herself. Mouth slack, fighting the pleasure of his tongue tasting deep within her, and her animal not wanting to respond to his touch, Miyuki began scratching the painted wall. Unable to concentrate enough to understand why she felt her animal sink frustrated into a corner sulking, sending angry pulses along her skin.

Focusing on the man taking her higher, the sensation crippled all sane thought, Miyuki thought she would cry from the pleasure. As her knees gave out Blade flipped her on her back, her arms slapping out over the thick mattress. His mouth found her under a shower of silken soft blue hair tickling her breasts, swollen and sensitive.

Wet kisses hot from his mouth covered her skin, still damp from the shower. Miyuki dug her nails into his shoulders, fisting his skin. His animal growled deep in his throat she felt it tickle under her fingers. His tiger shark mark swollen beneath her touch. His animal joined him in seducing one scorching climax after another from her writhing body.

Each rough stroke pushed her climax right up to the limit, bunching up on the cliff ready to jump with one…two…three…

“Blade!!” she screamed wildly bucking against him.

Free falling, she fisted his hair, held him to her unable to control the thrashing of her hips under his mouth latched onto her, one hand gripping her thigh out wide. Grateful of his other hand now pressed over her stomach held her down as her climaxes continued, his mouth working her flesh drinking down her pleasure. Severe arch in her back, mouth hung slack, she crossed her ankles over his back gripping his muscles squeezing out her climax ripping through her body. Blade’s eyes glowed neon blue.

Legs trembling, she rocked sideways. Bed dipping, large hands yanked her to her back, flat to the bed. His animal sat in his eyes now, all tiger shark.

Blade crawled up her body, kissing her quivering flesh, dragging his nose up the gentle slope of her breasts Her back bowed behind his mouth closing over her breasts one at a time. Moisture built in her throat seeing the impressive length of Blade bumping over her stomach, him hovering over her body. She felt like his prey and it sent a second wave of arousal swelling the tender flesh between her legs.

The rippled abdomen suspended over her face. Blade cupped the back of her head, held her to nip his muscled stomach. Kissed the tight skin, licking her way around to his ribcage, biting, leaving a wet trail down to where he jutted away from his body. It stood proud.

Gripping her fingers around his girth, she startled, her fingers never met giving her a thrill. She’d seen his nude body many times but poised to enter her body, it held a mesmerizing affect. Still her animal battled with her attraction to him. She sent up the wall blocking that side of her mind and focused on the man above her.

Delighting in the pure site of his masculinity her jaw cramped in anticipation, seeing him kneel over her face, hips lifted, back arched.

“Do not make me beg for it,” he groaned stroking himself close to her parted lips.

Find out if he had to beg.

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