Black Women's Empowerment

What the Hateful Won’t Admit About Black Women and Femininity

In light of the news about the Brooklyn teens who gang-raped an 18 year old young woman, I feel this message is more than apropos.

Combine that with a note I got on Facebook:

Hello my friend I hope that you are doing well. I always appreciated the fact that you allowed me to post on your page and share my views despite my views being contradictory to many of your followers. You are awesome. I have a question for you. As I have expressed to you before I have no qualms with interracial marriage but I did have an issue with something. But could not figure it out until now. Sometimes I read your BBandW to read your comments and something stuck with me. You talked about black women having options out of the culture. I pondered this and I think I might have figured this entire issue out. I think this issue is over the fact the black race is highly matriarchal and the white race is patriarchal. Is it possible that black women, especially native born black women as a whole dont want traditional family roles? Could it be that what drives black women to white men and white culture is the affirmation of the patriarchy? Perhaps this is what drives traditional black women and BWE into a clash? Could it be that what drives black men into misogynistic feelings is that are not allowed to be patriarchs? I just dont think that this what our race expects of us. I see all these liberal men and women talking about ending patriarchy and none of them have families. It feels like a Twilight Zone to me. While I dint have problems with dating I am concerned with the direction of our race. Also are you are Christian? I often think one the things that was not really mention in our convos is how most of what women want are based on Christian ethics. Do you consider yourself a conservative, liberal, or moderate? I am devout Christian so pretty much everything you advocate for makes sense to me. The only problem is that people view my beliefs as tyrannical. I know so many educated single black women that its ridiculous. Been asked on dates by scientists and lawyers to because they had no one else to go the gospel concert with. But once a man starts talking about traditional patriarchy we are hit with some type of hate for women stuff. I see why black women like white men. White men are strong, masculine, productive and lead. I see this trait in thugs. I dont see it in men like myself because I was raised to be the opposite. While the thugs chose to do what they wanted but it left them patriarchal or strong willed. A huge part of me feels that this is wrong. Sorry for my rant, I just wanted your opinion on this since it seems to me to be a real issue.


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