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My “Wheatless” Journey–Before, and After.

About three months ago I made The Hubster take this photo.



Now here’s me giving up wheat and pretty much going full-on paleo (well, mostly).




Besides the obvious fat loss, I’ve noticed several notable things.

–Better sleep; no more need for OTC sleep meds
–Virtually no more anxiety (I have been previously diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and have been on Zoloft for nearly eight years. I have now weaning off this drug).
–No more joint pain
–My concentration is razor sharp
–No more bleeding gums

When I gave up the sugar, a natural byproduct would be cutting out bread, therefore, wheat. In so doing, I discovered an open secret. Wheat is literally poisoning us. It gives the “feel good” effects of heroin, and the “munchies” like marijuana. What is more, agri-business and big pharma know exactly what deleterious effects it has on our weight, moods, body and overall health, but guess what? They’re willing to supply the drug (wheat) and when we get sick, they’ll supply a pill to make it all better. More on this later. Brenda55 was right. Not all of us are fat just because we’re lazy and lack self-control. There are other aspects at play, and this may be as big an okey-doke as Big Tobacco was back in the day.

I believe that black women especially are suffering for wheat addiction. Our bodies are not designed for wheat. There were no bread ovens in Sub-Saharan Africa 100,000 years ago, when our genetic makeup was laid out.Stress makes us reach for the muffins and croissants because they make us feel “happy.” Two hours later we are hungry again, because the body’s cheap source of energy is depleted. So we eat, and eat, and eat. Then gain, and gain, and gain.  What’s worse, wheat is in just about everything processed. That’s also not an accident.

I already know that there’s may be some push back about the notion that wheat could be so bad for us, and I’ve already gotten some flack from folks I know in the nutrition field who claim there’s no scientific evidence for my assertions, and that I’m some kind of cooky conspiracy theorist. I don’t need no stinkin’ study to know how I feel off wheat and sugar is completely different from how I felt on wheat.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you how I got over my addiction to wheat, processed foods and table sugar. It’s not easy, and your body WILL hate you for it…at first. You will be tired. You may be moody. The smell of baked bread could put you into a panic. Detoxing from addictive substances will be uncomfortable, but wholly necessary.

I have happily given up bread, but the way I eat leaves me satisfied never starving or obsessing about when I can eat again, and what’s more, I STILL have my sweets (contrary to the corn growers all sugar is NOT created Equal, pun intended).  I know what you’re thinking. “If you don’t eat wheat or processed foods,wheat, sugar, etc, etc, what’s left?” You’re gonna be sooooo surprised.

If you’re serious about learning more, check out the following links, and then let’s have a conversation.


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