When Celebrity Moms Get High Before Dr. Phil: The Cluster Cuss that is Dina Lohan.

Did you get a chance to catch Dr. Phil today? No? Boss won’t let you work in front of the television? Well here’s a summary for you:

After seeing this woman, I have a new-found empathy for poor little Lindsey. With a mom like that, how could you help not turning out a mess? What’s worse, SHE called and ASKED to be on the show, then turns around and performs as the worst cartoon of a mother I’ve ever seen. I just can NOT with these Hollywood people. She is so obviously high as a kite. If I were Lindsey, I think I might have waited outside the studio and ran her over. It probably wouldn’t do much damage, because you don’t tense your muscles when you high, so she’d most likely just bounce off the hood.That’ll learn ‘er.

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