Where to Meet a Man in Medicine

Written by Nicole J.

To continue the theme of where to meet the kind of man you might be into, whether the nerdy type or the man in uniform, are you the type of gal who would love a man in the medical field? Many women from all walks of life have been told from a young age that their options in men were a doctor, lawyer or other high-flying career professionals. After all, medicine is a field with good pay and good career stability.

Before we get started though, there are a few caveats to think about when partnered with a doctor/nurse/PA etc. They pretty much all work long hours, often in a very stressful environment. It will not be all glamour and roses, so being a supportive partner and friend, even at 3am, are crucial. Depending on scheduling, you may not routinely see each other, so dates may be difficult to plan. If your medical mate is in a field like cardiology or surgery, you may have to take second place to being him being on-call much of the time. These are only some of the important things to consider before seeking a medical professional as a life partner.

Another important thing to note: being in a prestigious profession like medicine doesn’t exclude any race of man from being properly vetted. Do your due diligence before starting any new relationship, period. Just because he’s a renowned specialist in his field doesn’t mean he’s not unbearably arrogant, a serial cheater, or a habitual liar. Don’t do yourself a disservice by excusing red flags because of his profession.

Now that that’s all out the way, here we go!

  • Volunteering

I have made mention of volunteering in every blog about meeting eligible men, with good reason! Meaningful volunteering can not only have a positive societal impact, but put you in the sights of eligible bachelors. Hospital volunteering is great because there are a variety of places to fit in – from helping stock linens in patient rooms to giving directions to family members, to cuddling babies while their mom rests. Find an activity you enjoy and then keep an eye out for Dr. Right while you do it.

  • Golfing

There’s a reason golf is considered equal parts business tool and sport. Powerful movers and shakers across many industries golf to get some exercise, unwind, and of course, seal a deal. Learning to golf will keep you fit, teach you something new, and place you in an ecosystem full of powerful men.

  • Bars and restaurants near hospitals

After a long day at work, some medical professionals may opt for a meal out and a cold beverage with their work pals before heading home. Keep a bar or two near local medical centers in your rotation of places to visit if you’re on the market.

  • Pre-health societies

For my younger, college-aged ladies, attending socials hosted by your university’s respective pre-health professional clubs can help you meet the future health care provider of tomorrow. It also provides lots of network opportunities, even if your own prospective field isn’t related to medicine.

Are you partnered with a man in medicine? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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