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White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


It is all a hoax ladies and gentleman the source article is a Hoax.

“Anne Gus” is really a guy who was outed after posting an earlier article on the same site.  Here is a link to said outing.

“Thought Catalog publishes satirical ‘feminist’ essay jokingly written by man”

Look at the date.  For some reason nearly a week later the fake Anne gets off another shot which is the source material for the article Toni submitted.

In fact the Fake Anne has several articles on Thought Catalog. Well she…er he has had a good run but the party is over.


Many thanks and a deep Jedi bow to community member horrorjunky for pulling our coat tails on this one.

Discuss away but just know this is based on a work of fiction.




This is a response post I didn’t think I would be writing because the main target of this ugly bit of racism is AW/WM couples.


However, it suddenly occurred to me that this is a preemptive measure.  And also…sometimes wrong is wrong, and you just gotta say something.

Get ready, though. It’s only a matter of time before it’s black women that are the target of  “funny” articles like this.

(Warning: The above article is EXTREMELY racist. The author gets found out when it goes viral and then tries to backpedal like her life depends on it. But trust me, the ignorance is astounding…)


Anne is a textbook privileged  feminist  of the “we’re all sisters until you date our men” variety who has no clue how the world works .

Don’t believe me? Take a gander:

I believe that, as a result of the lack of feminism in The Asia, a sexist and racist view of Asian women being softer and more submissive than Western women, has spread across the globe.

Being a very cultured young woman in her twenties who watches a lot of foreign film, I faced this stereotype many years ago. I mean how many female ninjas do you see in all the Bruce Chan movies ? I’ll spare you a thousand hours of male on male violence and tell you the answer. None. They’re always portrayed, either as ‘Gay Charles’ a homophobic slur that means “an Asian high-class lady of the night”, or rice picking slaves with Sombreros.


That’s right, kids. If you want to learn about the world…watch foreign movies.

Don’t have friends who are from various ethnic backgrounds. Don’t travel the world. Don’t read a ton of books. Certainly don’t attempt to adjust your ethnocentric point of view regarding other women in the world.


On the heels of, “I’m just looking out for you Asian women!” comes the real reason why Anne took to the internet for this rant:

Oh and what are we white women supposed to do now then, that you’re like, totally dating all the white guys? Are we supposed to like, go for your men? No offense, but they’re like kinda short and nerdy and not very hot. [Toni: LIIIIIIIIIIIIES!] I mean they’re perfect for you, you’re like made for each other, but white men kind of like, belong to us.

Okay, that came out a little disjointed or whatever, but I was super mad when I wrote this.

So underneath that “girl power” vomit was a thinly veiled threat that Asian women know their place and keep their hands off. White men are terrible….for non-white women.


Needless to say the internet did not take too well to Anne’s brand of stupid and decided to blast her with both barrels. How did Anne rationalize this moronic rant?

She wrote in a follow-up post called “Dear Asians, I’m Not The Enemy”“:

Okay, so as you know, my most recent piece about Asian women dating White men went kinda viral. Now all these Asian girls are up in my grill, online and even here on the streets of Boston saying I am the racist one. This is a typical, misogynist attempt to deflect the blame from privileged White Men.



No seriously, you can’t make this ish up. This woman goes on a “get yer hands off my men, BIATCH!” rant and then has the AUDACITY to say people coming at her for her absolutely disgusting behavior are forgetting who the real enemy is…!

I am trying to tell you, black women:  You cannot, CANNOT, be naive enough to use skin color and gender as the primary indicators of who your allies are! 

The people claiming you are automatically allies because “we’re both black” or “we’re both women” will be among the first to throw a banana peel in your path “for your own good”…


Is it any wonder that DBR black men and racist white women get along like two peas in a pod?

Let’s see:

– Unwarranted sense of entitlement and ownership of the opposite sex

– Need to blame white men for their problems while conveniently ignoring their own terrible and harmful behavior towards other groups.

– Using disrespectful and abusive language towards so-called allies they claim to be concerned about, looking out for, and wanting to protect.

– Thinly veiled hatred of group they are addressing

– Feel if they gas-light hard enough, they can control decisions that are actually none of their damn business!


Get it through your head, Anne:





I don’t really care whether or not Anne has a man. It’s not unusual for white women like this to have a husband and still stare daggers at black women cuddled up with their own white significant others.

I’m not going to give Anne the benefit of the doubt for being young, either. I am skeptical this is a way of thinking she will grow out of. And besides, she’s old enough to know better than to use the ugly language that she uses.


Does Anne speak for all white women? No, no more than all black men automatically hate BW/WM couples.

However, just because she doesn’t speak for all WW doesn’t mean that WW like her shouldn’t be called out early and often. Same with BM. Calling out hateful behavior is not an act of hate.

Don’t let anyone try that okey-doke on you.


The original post is being floated as possibly attempt at “satire” or attempt to troll the internet. Reading between the lines, the emotion behind the original post is clear as day. As is the flimsy nature of the justification.

Some level attacks against disenfranchised groups under the guise of, “Hey, I’m on your side! The delivery is just a little ‘rough'”.


Black women be prepared to stand up to people who “jokingly” mock you as a human being while claiming to be your friend. Be prepared to call out concern trolls who try and dictate that you are nothing more than a fetish and that no man can truly love you because of your race.


Smile as you ram it back down their throats and then daintily hop over them and stroll on, leaving them rolling around on the sidewalk gagging.

You will meet plenty of Anne Gus-type idiots in your life. Just remember that they do not get to decide your happiness no matter how much it genuinely pisses them off you’re with a white guy (or Asian guy, because this chick needs her eyes examined…).


Only you get to decide who or what you want out of life!

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