Who Needs The Bachelorette? Where Dr. Misee Harris Has Found Success

Dr. Misee Harris

We Were Ready

Although America was ready for a black Bachelorette, The ABC Bachelorette franchise passed on a grand opportunity to select Dr. Misee Harris who was poised to be the first. Oh well, its their loss. Dr. Harris launched a social media campaign that took her on a whirlwind tour of television and radio talk shows and a myriad of magazine and blog interviews. On the way to becoming a super reality (and actual) star, this beautiful dentist inspired many Americans and garnered some 50,000 Facebook and Twitter fans to cheer her on. As well, Dr. Harris got some hate mail but she always kept it real without breaking a sweat.

Not to be defeated by ABC’s decision without so much as even a tweet from them, Dr. Harris’ creative thinking serendipitously made her an instant celebrity. Dr. Harris’ new found status enabled her to reach what was actually her goal all along — to be in a position to better help children. Dr. Harris promotes the good dental hygiene in children and is dedicated to providing access to the highest standard of dental care. As a result Dr. Harris can provide some free care locally via a dental bus similar to the one operated by the University of Kentucky that goes into underserved areas. Dr. Harris also has plans to make more mission trips both nationally and globally.



Dr. Harris presents her research at a Kentucky Dental Association Meeting

Mobile Dental Clinic

Bachelorette Who?

What ABC passed on, sparked interest in others who flooded Dr. Harris’ inbox and left endless messages on her phone. Let’s see who came calling…. Steve Harvey,  is one of many who are still under wraps.  Dr. Harris got so many offers, she could not possibly accept them all, but she did accept one to do a major movie  — and they’re still coming. I ain’t mad at her. There is also talk of at reality shows, numerous endorsements and opportunities Dr. Harris could never have imagined when she embarked on this journey. On April 4th, Dr. Harris will be making an appearance in Chicago. She was requested to host a major fashion event where 20 businesses will be revealing their brands. Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars designer Uli Herzner designed all of the fashions that will be worn by awesome, stunning models. Herzner is also designing Dr. Harris’ dress. This is all surreal to Dr. Harris.  “How could I pass that up?” asked Dr. Harris. “I had to say I would go and stopped eating nachos that day.” She wants to fit into that dress as Dr. Harris chuckles, but knows this is serious business and gave up her one junk food weakness. The event is open to the public for those in Chicago. So go and check out the fashions and you may even get a chance to meet Dr. Harris.


project runway 3

Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars designer Uli Herzner


The Steve Harvey Show

Charity and Diana Tracy

Many have already benefitted from Dr. Harris’ charity efforts. She started giving shoes to needy children, and is now in the middle of a campaign to provide prom dresses to girls who could not otherwise have one and attend her prom. As photo shoots became second nature to Dr. Harris, she offered an opportunity for a few young ladies to join her. That venture ignited an interest in Dr. Harris further mentoring and inspiring young women to be and do their best. She is already being bombarded for requests for the sisters who won the first photo shoot competition to model and make appearances. Dr. Harris has also been tapped to model the exquisite, hand crafted jewelry creations of the Canadian Diana Tracy Collection. She is now international!

diana tracy

Diana Tracy Collection – DTC Canada

diana tracy

Diana Tracy Collection

Dr. Harris Has a Big Heart

Dr. Harris is also in the beginning stages of developing her own nonprofit charity that will benefit young women and girls, in addition to the charitable efforts she has done since before becoming a dentist. One of Dr. Harris’ future charitable activities will be teaming up with Los Angeles based famed attorney, activist and author Areva Martin whose Special Needs Network benefits children and adults with Autism and other intellectual disabilities. April is Autism Awareness Month so this goes hand in hand with some of the services Dr. Harris already provides to special needs patients in the greater Lexington area many of whom with autism.


Areva Martin, Esq.

aut_awareness_monthThe Autism Society

project prom 2 project prom

Project Prom coordinated with Dr. Harris Help Dr. Harris find this prom dress!


Dr. Harris with photo shoot winners and Junior models Grace & Miranda Maas. They are the daughters of Darren and Rebecca Maas. These young ladies are realizing their dreams of becoming models. They can now reach out to other girls, do charity work and inspire. Grand and wonderful opportunities are in store for Grace and Miranda. Watch out for them!

Grace Maas

Twitter: @gracemaasmodel Instagram: @gracemaas

Miranda Maas

Twitter: @themodelmiranda Instagram: @mirandamaas1


Could Love Be In The Air?

As one can imagine, Dr. Harris was inundated with offers from men all over the country wanting to be her bachelor. She chose to pass on the offers but still wants the potential suitors to find their bachelorettes. She has enlisted the help of your’s truly Swirl Queen to help out some of the fellas should they so desire. This is a call for marriage minded men to send a video of 5 minutes or less (or questions) to Swirling and Marriage detailing what he is seeking in a wife, what he does, if he is willing to relocate or relocate his future wife where he is, children and the usual one would detail in an introduction. This is only the beginning of an extensive vetting process, not swirling exclusive and uhm, it is not free. As in life, there are no guarantees, but I have large clientele of mainly beautiful black women who are ready for marriage, so maybe we can a match. Thank Dr. Harris for the opportunity.


As we watch Dr. Harris on her continued journey of greatness, let’s not forget that she is just a hometown girl who had big dreams. She figured out a way to make them come true. Dr. Harris inspires everyone she touches. And just who inspires Dr. Harris??? Her Mama, her bestie.


Misee Harris Official Website

Follow or contact Dr Harris on Facebook and on Twitter @MiseeHarris

Misee Harris DMD, University of Kentucky, Pediatric Dental Resident

Misee Harris 5

Dr. Misee Harris, dentist, philanthropist, speaker model, actress and shero

Photo Credits:

Sandra Goble Burchett of Sandra Dee’s Photography (of Nicholasville and Lexington Ky) is largely behind Dr. Harris’ photo introduction to the world and subsequent photo shoots. Her unique logo is prominent and unmistakable in many of Dr. Harris and the Maas sisters’ photographs. See more of Sandra’s fabulous pictures and at her website blog. Follow Sandra on Facebook and contact her to book photo shoots or info.

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