What the Cuss?

Does This Woman Offend You?

I’m making my rounds this morning to read all the news, rags and gossip and was struck by this woman.



Before I read the story, I took in the image. I thought the contrast in her lipstick against the white and black clothing and her brown skin was all and everything. Then I read the headline: “10 Years Ago These Comments Would’ve Destroyed Me: Blogger Criticized For Red Lip Responds.”

Here’s the skinny: Essence.com was doing a round up about natural hair and featured Rocquelle Porch, because, DUH! she has awesome locs that she’s been growing for nine years. But apparently the black women the Essence.com fan page, you know, that publication geared toward supporting and uplifting black women, when bat shit about the inappropriateness of a woman as “dark” as this young lady having the unmitigated gall to wear red lipstick. Because hey, we all know red lipstick is only for “lights and brights and damn near whites.”  I mean, really? That’s some 1950’s brown-bag negro-country-mouse bullsh*t. Except it’s 2014, and we’re still saying it. Yep. We’re still in a circle comparing who’s forearm is lighter. It’s disgusting.

We’ve talked a lot about how colorism from black men created mortal wounds on the psyche, but not damn near enough ink dedicated to the WOMEN who happily and cheerily take part in their own oppression.

I’m glad this young lady has taken the necessary steps to free herself from allowing colorism to kill her soul, and in solidarity, and just to give an EFF-EWE to the folks who think dark women shouldn’t wear red lipstick, TAKE THIS, Skin-Tone Police!!



Gasp!! Lupita is wearing RED LIPSTICK and BLUE EYE SHADOW!!

Again, this is why it is imperative for black women to seek out AFFIRMING social circles, regardless of race, color and creed. People who make you feel less than do not deserve your time, emotions, or resources. Go where you are celebrated, not simply tolerated.

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