You’ll Never Guess What This Lobbyist Said When Reporter Offered Him Poison

This here is a prime example of folks advocating for behaviors and lifestyles for others that they would never do themselves. It’s classic.

Monsato lobbyist, [name] went on a French news show and said that Roundup, the cancer-causing weed-killer created by the company that wants to keep us from using our own, non-GMO seeds, said that this stuff was safe enough to drink.

So guess what happened? The reporter offered him a glass, and you’ll be shocked at what he said.

I want you to really reflect on what this man said.


But wait…does he expect the rest of the unwashed masses to be dumber than a box of Roundup? Probably.

This here is a prime example of a person advocating a lifestyle they would never want for themselves, or engaging in dangerous behaviors that are okay for you, but not for them.

Think about this the next time someone tells you marriage is just a piece of paper.

Think about this the next time someone tells you it’s okay to get pregnant by some ashy, non-committed dude.

Think about that the next time someone tells you sit and pray and wait for your husband to be delivered to your doorstep via Fedex.

Watch more what people do, than what they say.


In other news, the California Environmental Protection Agency has announced that the key ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, is DEFINITELY a carcinogen. Roundup, the weed killer, is owned by Mosanto…again…the giant company that wants us all the eat their genetically-modified crops. Now…why in hell would we ever trust this company, who creates a product that can cause cancer, with the growing of the food we eat??

Time to seriously think about growing your own food, starting co-ops and insisting on organic.

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