It’s Not Always Easy To Love Me. But I Thank You For It

I recently got an email from a supporter of mine who was worried about all the rumors going around about me–you know, the ones that say I’m an opportunist, I’m just in it for the money, I just want to throw black women under the bus. She asked me to explain myself, because she was worried about whether she should stick her neck out for me to the naysayers. I told her not to. Not because I wasn’t grateful for her support, but because it’s not always easy to defend someone like me. Sometimes you get the swings and sucker punches that were meant for me, and I can’t always stand in the way and protect you. And to the woman who was sweet, and honest and had enough integrity to come to me in private and give me the opportunity to explain, I respect you beyond words. You know who you are. I respect a person who won’t buy into gossip and goes to the source. That’s gutsy.

Sometimes I get down when I see negative stuff written and assumed about me, and it of course is disheartening. I’m human, and sometimes, yes, I cry about it. Then I move on. Because I’m just about the luckiest black chick in the world. I have my health, a great family, wonderful career, and literally hundreds of thousands of people who come here every month to read what I have to say. I make a living doing what I love, and that’s some superior shit.

But most of all, I thank the regulars. The ones who come here and make this place like home. You are always cheering for me, encouraging me, and telling me how proud you are. You people bring me to tears too–but the happy ones.

As I go through this wonderful, new and exciting chapter of Swirling, I just want to take a moment to tell you again how very much I love and appreciate you. Your support keeps me sane. It is a beacon of shining light when the world is dark and cold. It’s not always easy to love me, but I thank you so much that you do.

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