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Author Spotlight: Cute Girl Does Erotica

Special thanks to Velour Luvv, blog mistress of Interracial Intersection, for discovering just about the cutest blogger and writer of make-you-blush-till-you’re-purple erotica, Keshia Robertson of Toronto, Canada!

Robertson also blogs, A Crush a Day, which is entertaining, full of rainbow eye candy and is fast becoming one of my daily pitstops. (Translation: Yet ANOTHER excuse not to do the laundry and change out of my pajamas.)

So, without further bloviating, I will allow Keshia to e-introduce herself and her…urhm…body of work.

What a cutie! And she's smart, too!

I’m Keshia Robertson, or rather, ‘Coco Pulliam’, if you’re reading one of my naughtier stories. I’m a starter romance writer of Ghanaian descent in Toronto, Canada. Since I’m born in a city where everyone is from somewhere else, I learned a lot about diverse cultures. In mainstream publishing, the books are concentrated on the same three characters: blonde, brunette and maybe a redhead if they are trying to be exotic.

Though I have always found that I loved reading those stories, I couldn’t really relate to their characters fully so I started writing my own stories. These stories reflect my multicultural experiences since the people that I have grown up with and love come from countries instead of hair colors. Therefore, expressing the different cultures of my characters is important to my stories.

Currently, I’m working on getting my first book published, Invisible Husband while I write free short stories for the amazing site

Everything I write online can be found through Kecobooks, my author site. .

Short stories:

Thank You Sweetheart Vol. 1 –

Claimed by Austin

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