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Back at CW’s Site…”No Wedding, No Womb!”

Still working out the bugs on this new interface, but CW’s site works just fine, and she has my latest guest blog entry that is sure to piss someone off!

Check it out on CW's Site!

EXCERPT: I’ll have to admit that I’m on a permanent strike from all radio stations that play rap music. Ten years ago I had just about enough of hearing lyrics about slapping, licking, sticking, hoes, hookers, and the glorification of out of wedlock baby-making. But plugging my ears to another ebonics-riddled jam didn’t keep me from seeing the effect it has had on our community.

The culture this music breeds has become a festering pock and has dehumanized black women into caricatures. Coupled with the dearth of marriageable black men and the glorification of “pimpology” this toxic music has greatly contributed to, in my opinion, the downright shameful amount of black children born out of wedlock.

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