Beware of Weight-Loss Haters! J-Hud’s Fiancé Gripes that he Misses Her Being a Big’n.


So apparently Jennifer Hudson’s guy, and baby daddy  (anyone notice they’ve been engaged for about 100 years?) says he thinks Jennifer needs to dial back on Jenny Craig. Here’s the skinny:

Jennifer Hudson’s spectacular weight loss has fiancé David Otunga singing the blues. Sources say lawyer-turned-pro wrestler [editor’s note: is that seriously his job description?!] David misses the curvaceous beauty he fell for when they met five years ago – and he wants her back!

“Jennifer weight has been an issue between them ever since she lost her big chunk of weight in 2010,” says an insider. “When they met, she was a happy, proud,healthy woman who loved food and embraced every aspect of life with so much enthusiasm. Now she takes up to four hours to get ready when they go out, and she gets tressed out every time she puts a morsel of food in her mouth.”

In 2010, Jennifer signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Weight Watchers, and by 2011, she revealed she’d lost 80 pounds and gone from a size 16 to a size 6.

David is also concerned that Jennifer is becoming more famous for her shrinking waistline than her considerable talents, according to the insider.

“David tells her he thinks she’s beautiful no matter what size she is, but he misses the down-to-earth ‘I don’t care’ Jen… every meal is a pain in the butt, and he’s starting to feel totally sidelined by her obsession with her weight.”


I got this news off of Celeb|Bitchy, and the editorializing and the subsequent commentary gave me pause. It seems that the writer and the readers are just damn sick of Jennifer Hudson flaunting her weight loss in their (possibly) fat faces. As we get to the final week of our fitness challenge, I thought it would be worth noting that people and romantic partners can and often do become irritated and intimidated by your weight loss and/or improved fitness and says things like,

I liked you better when you had more meat on your bones.

Gurl, don’t get too skinny!

Why are you trying to look like a white girl?

Now your head looks to big for your body.

These shade-throwers come from two camps. The first camp is the misery-loves-company brigade, who are now being forced to looked at their own unhealthy eating habit and lack of physical activity now that you’re getting yours together. The second camp may be skinny chicks you hang out with who are now threatened by how hot you look in that black cocktail dress, because they only took you along because you were the non-threatening, “fat friend” and all-around cheerleader and wing-woman for their skinny behinds. But wait…I forgot, there’s a third camp, made up of romantic partners who met and loved you thin but now feel threatened by your new-found confidence and attractiveness. What you do about this third camp is up to how douchy your partner is. If he wants you fat because he likes how you not having dates allows him to sit on your couch in his underwear and play video games and thinks you ought to be grateful for his mere presence, then it might be time to loose another 150+ pounds of bad boyfriend. But if he’s just a nice guy who is feeling a little insecure that you might leave the relationship because of all the new-found attention, reassure him that your place is with him.

Have any of you had any weight saboteur stories you’d care to share?


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