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QOTW: White Man Asks, “What Is Black Culture, Minus All the Ratchet Stuff?”

I can hear some of you rolling your eyes.

Okay, I might answer this question myself pretty well, but most non-Black people, and apparently the “Acting Black” crew too, get most of their cultural information from mass media, and it is not very deep.

Plus, for the Black women here, this is a good self-affirming exercise. My culture, my self. I am not looking for a history lesson (that is next month). Just want to let the boys in the hall know what is to be cherished about being Black or with Black.

I am old. Can’t do much about that. So most of my cherished cultural references are old school. I need to learn what is both new and valuable. My list…

In music: Motown, Blues, Funk, Soul and very early Hip-Hop.

In literature: A. Baldwin, Malcolm X, F. Douglas, A. Walker, T. Morrison, A. Wilson.

In entertainment: Pryor, F. Wilson, and all those beautiful actresses.

In living: the food, the manner of speech, sensuality of movement and expression.

But as much as I love these things, I feel it from a position outside. I hope to hear what is valued from a position inside.

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