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Hey Chicas!! I’m Talking to You! Time to Wrap it Up!

I don’t need to bring up the stats, but I will. The black community has an 80% out-of-wedlock rate. Black women are infected disproportionately with STDs and AIDS. Many of us are having multiple children by multiple men, unplanned, which causes us stress and increases the chances of poverty. When I started No Wedding No Womb, I always said, “There’s two dozen forms of birth control, chose one.”

sad condom

And if your man doesn’t want to wrap it up, then you wrap yourself up. Today is Global Female Condom Day, in hopes to raise awareness of this very viable protective option for women. We all know that the patriarchal and male-identified black community wants to put ALL the blame of all the ills, disease outbreaks and general maladjustment upon black women, and of course, we have to accept some responsibility because we are half of the equation. But what is discussed waaaay less is the FACT that the men in our community often REFUSE to wear condoms. I know this from experience. But when we fall pregnant, or acquire a disease, the FULL BLAME is all on us. WE were supposed to know better. WE were supposed to know that we had all the power to say no. WE were the ones stupid enough to believe the lies. WE were supposed to not act like sluts.

Okay, so if the onus is all on us, then let’s take our power back. Don’t like hormones? No worries. A female condom has none of that. Allergic to latex? No problem. This condom doesn’t contain any.

But of course, even if you’re not dating and mating within the black community, you still need to be careful. Sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate by race, color, or creed.

This video is kinda…I watch, but it answers the question on how to use the thing. Stuff like this makes me break out in uncontrollable giggles though…


No more excuses. If you’d like a sample of the FC2 Female Condom, you can email me discretely and I’ll send it along with instructions on how to use it to the first person who sends me the message ([email protected]). For all others interested, the FC2 is also available in select Walgreens, online retailers and health centers; to find a site near you, just text FC2condom to 877877 for the closet location.


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