Black Women's Empowerment

Cheer up! Black women have much to celebrate because the times, they are ‘a changin’

Another day, another study on black women and interracial dating that sounds a little depressing. BUT these studies should not be taken as the received truth, the last word on black women and interracial dating.

The good news is that the general perception of black women is changing but because it isn’t changing as fast as we would like it can feels as if things are not changing at all. Slow change is hard change.

Let’s look at what we have to celebrate:


Michelle Obama in the White House. Steadfast wife, lawyer, mother of two, faithful daughter to her widowed mother.

Kerry Washington. Star of the hit ABC show ‘Scandal.’ When Ms. Washington was questioned about why she chose to play the role of Broomhilda in “Django Unchained” she addressed to need to see black women playing a variety of roles:

Look I can see how it’s not particularly feminist to play the princess in the tower, waiting to be saved. But as a black woman – we’ve never been afforded that luxury. There was no man coming to save you; it wasn’t part of the story. In some ways, this telling is a statement of empowerment.

Janelle Monae. A Cover Girl who wears ‘the suit‘ in honor of her working-class roots.

There are plenty of amazing black women around who are accomplishing amazing things. More and more black women are attending from elite colleges, starting businesses, traveling outside of the United States, etc.

One of my favorite biblical quotations is Galatians 6:9(NIV), which reads:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Black women and their allies have to avoid becoming weary in well doing, because the fruit of their good work will eventually be obvious to all.

“Stereotypes are not set in stone. If you don’t believe me, just research some of the things that were once openly said about the Irish, Asian women, and Jewish people, yet if you don’t know that history you would never know just how negatively each of these groups has been viewed at various times and places throughout history.”

Well, black women are going to get their turn to put the stereotypes behind them too, as long as they do not become weary in well doing and give the good work that is being accomplished by black women all over the diaspora time to flourish and to be recognized.

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