Guests of the Inner Sanctum

Chocolate Skin? Chocolate Punk?

Bobby Smith, author of One Love, Two Colours: The Unlikely Marriage of a Punk Rocker & His African Queen, wonders out loud (probably because he can’t hear himself think, what with all that punk rock music in the background), why black women seem timid about dating punk-ers.

Me? I’m just scared of the mohawks and plaid skinny pants. Oh. And I’m always suspicious of dancing that requires a helmet.

Bobby, you have the floor.

Loads of talk on BB&W of late about dating and the search for the perfect rainbeau – a quest that seems to be debated ad infinitum. However, just supposing this ‘perfect’ rainbeau happened to be a punk rocker, a skinhead or someone into the ‘alternative’ lifestyle. How many readers of this website would take the plunge and walk out with someone dressed in bondage trousers, a studded leather jacket, Doctor Marten’s boots, etc.

Of course, I know I am a bit biased as I am a punk rocker myself but I really do feel that more black women should check out the ‘alternative’ scene, as most people in it are creative and open to new things – including the women they date. I am guessing that most BB&W readers would deem this to be a cultural barrier too far, but I look forward to reading the reasons people may give for steering clear of punks and skins.

Lastly, for those of you thinking that black women do not rawk, I give you Felony Melony, the singer with Las Vegas punk band The Objex (new CD Reservations for Debauchery) – a lady who has hair to die for and two of the best assets on the American punk scene.

Lawd, I’ve seen it all, now I can die.

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