Ali and Lissette Gonzalez: Color Blind and Valentines

Color Blind & Valentines

Lissette & Ali 5

Ali and Lissette Gonzalez

When I first introduced you all to Lissette Gonzalez five years ago, her interview got the most responses ever.  People were drawn to Lissette’s (Lisy or Lady Elle) outgoing, loving and crazy personality and the heart binding super love she and her husband share with each other.  Being a very attractive couple may have had a little to do with it too.

 Lissette & Ali 1

 Since our last interview, Lissette feels that hubby Ali works too much, but when he gets home is very attentive to Lissette and her needs.  Lissette, Ali and their two children are a fun family.  As a stay home mother, she is always there at their beck and call.  And “call” they do–according to Lissette.  She thought things would be a little easier as the children grew up, but a teenage daughter and adolescent son brings new challenges.  Lissette wouldn’t change a thing.

Lissette & Ali 7

 Today, people seeing that they are an interracial family may stare at times, but race is generally a non-issue in the Gonzalez family unless discussing a current event.  They are just a red-blooded American family enjoying life.   Lissette and hubby keep it all in perspective as love has overcome everything that could have remotely been negative.  They just live their lives color blind if you will.

Along with managing her daughter’s music and acting career, Lissette, the Frugal Queen is busy.  She has become somewhat of a grief counselor running Heaven Waits.  Lissette also set up Miami Walks that features all the Miami area “walks” and their respective fundraisers.  Next on the Lissette list is “Lisy Live” a USTREAM Live Channel where she will be interviewing various people for human interest stories and local Miami music groups.  Why does she do all this and more?  Lissette doesn’t ask for much,” but thank does wonders for the soul, just to be appreciated for a kind gesture means so much.” says the bubbly mom.  In addition, Lissette volunteers for Breast Cancer Awareness and Anti Domestic Violence efforts in her community.

Lissette & Ali 10

Just keeping it real, Lissette has a creative spirit that is always about business.  But she is also doing something fun to maintain a home filled with happiness.   I am happy I am alive and I wish everyone the same happiness I share every single day from my family my friends.  Ain’t no stopping us now, were on the move!

Lissette & Ali 2

Lissette is celebrating a 30 pound weight loss that she has maintained for a few years now keeping those curves in check.  Self-love beams from Lissette’s face.  Confident in her husband’s love for her, Lissette glories in being in love with Ali as well as her children.  She thinks that he is beautiful, the children are beautiful, life and love are beautiful.  Lissette wears her family’s love as a badge of honor.

Lissette & Ali 3

A few days before their 15th wedding anniversary, Lissette declared the following to hubby Ali: “15 years never passed so quickly. Undoubtedly I would marry this man over and over again. We’ve been tried and tested 100 billion times with liars, sneaks and envious people.  Thank you Lord/spirit guides, mom and daddy in heaven for a love rarely seen today. Love you so much!” 

Lissette’s romantic side keeps the fire and passion alive and coupled with Ali’s sizzling magic touch; they are inseparable and will celebrate another fifteen plus years of marriage.   I shared her photograph on my page and immediately the likes started coming.  108 likes later, Lissette was thrilled to see a bevy of strangers wishing her and Ali the best.  It reminded me of the interview and I decided to do a follow up.  What better day than today — Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day 2013 will be special in the Gonzalez home………In Lissette’s own words……..

Lissette & Ali 4

2013 will be a family Valentine’s Day for us.  Our children will join us today.  Being that it is a Thursday night and you can get no reservations at practically any restaurants, I will be ordering in tonight. We are going to have a sushi feast right at home which is practically a paradise in itself so there is no need to go anywhere.  I always set the table with candles and decorate my home with Valentine’s Day and love themed items.  Because I am quite a home economist watching our dollars, a bottle of Nuvo will be front and center.  It is my personal favorite.

I usually set up dinner in our spacious bedroom which has a great view of the ocean (I hope there’s a moon tonight so we can actually see it).  My beautiful husband and I will have our night cap strolling on the beach along the ocean.  Not to forget our weekly karaoke singing, I sing for him every Friday. Usually, he sits back, listens and requests songs he likes to hear me sing. Did I say what a beautiful spirit my husband is?  Tonight, I will sing Ali a song I wrote just last night.  It is called “Cloud Nine”  🙂 I’m so scared, but it is my gift of love to him.

Lissette & Ali 9

My Facebook friends can find the song in the notes section of my page.  As far as what I will receiving from Ali, I welcome every little romantic surprise he may have in store for me.  I am so blessed, thank you God for my happiness.   I am so in love with life my husband, my children — my family. My daddy in heaven did a great job, in finding my true love for me. I am today more spiritually connected with myself, and I obviously I hope that love regenerates through my family. By seeing me and their father sincerely happy, I trust that our children will strive for the same future happiness in their respective mates, when the time comes.  Live for love and you will receive it — all kinds of love!

  Lissette & Ali 12

Lissette’s quote from the original interview is still very fitting:  “Remember, there are no reservations when you fall in love. It is what it is. Do not let the world dictate what your life should be and what makes you happy. Everyone encounters negativity in their life, so no matter what the reason, go for what you want and fight the world for what you believe. True love is color blind!”  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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