Gender Conflict

Commentary on Men Caught Red-Handed Being…Men.

By Pella

Why is it, that anytime a woman criticizes men, not even criticizes lets say merely makes an observation of men, she is considered a man hating beotch? Even if it were science, that men were kinda sorta dogs, people would deny it. Now lets say I did a research project that proved that a lot of men on a certain dating site were only on there for one thing? Or “men have been so deeply socialized to value women solely on their appearance?” Something I’m not sure many people could argue against. Either way, that’s exactly what one woman did. A little research project in which she created the “worst profile ever” a woman who claims to love “making America American” and to have “pretended to be pregnant” to prove just that. She didn’t have the brains but she had the good looks and the body. AaronCarterFan managed to rack up over 100 messages in 24hrs. And over 500 messages by the end of the experiment. Allie Reed didn’t stop there. She even responded back to the men, shallowly, and even plainly ridiculous at times, yet still they chased after her.


So she made her conclusion. Men have been conditioned to want women, despite anything else, for their looks. The moral of her research women? Don’t just settle for anything. “Figure out how to be happy with who you are and then look for someone who makes your great life even better,” She says. I see nothing wrong with that.

And I’ve gotten the title of ‘man hater’ not only from the men in my family but my female counter parts as well. For instance during one conversation with a female relative of mine she said, “No offense but I don’t want to turn into a ‘I can do bad all by myself’ man hating feminist like you.” Boy did we have a conversation about that, (which can be an entirely different article in itself) but the point is my independence became synonymous with hating men. When did this happen? (Don’t answer that). Anyone that knows me in the slightest knows that I LOVE men. I may only like the ones that behave like humans and not wild animals but none the less, show me a knight in shining armor and I will show you a princess. But I have standards, not to be synonymous with Misandry.

Even the way Reed said it was nice. She didn’t say “ALL MEN (insert insult here) or don’t date men because (insert reason here). Yet, people managed to turn this learning experience into a female vs. male bashing fiasco.

So why do I write about this? I am starting to feel that sense of censorship weighing down on my shoulders as a young woman. When is it alright for me to voice my opinions on the inequalities of sexism. Or tell a man off for calling me like a dog, touching my body inappropriately, or making unwanted passes? I feel that this kind of censorship causes women and girls to lose their voices or feel bad for saying anything “reckless” about the opposite sex for fear of being labeled a “feminist” (lol) or Misandrist. Madness.

What do you think? Did Ms. Reed’s blog go too far? Are we losing our ability to speak up as women? Sound off below. For more of Allie Reed and her research visit the link below.

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