Cool New Discovery from This Summer’s Garden!


Every year serious gardeners have one or two plants that historically haven’t done well, and, not willing to call it a failure, they replant them in a new way–in a pot, out of the pot, more fertilizer or less, more water, less water. For me, corn is that plant.

No matter how I wish it weren’t so, growing corn in pots seriously limits their output and growth. I tried it again this year with a little difference from the last–I used them for garden stakes for the pole beans I grew. That way if the corn didn’t work out, they were at least good for something.

But to much surprise, I did get a small harvest of non-GMO corn I planted from seed. This corn is old-school…the way it used to look and taste before all the genetic modifications. So it wasn’t as sweet and juicy as what we’re used to, and frankly a bit on the starchy side.

But the colors where so beautiful I decided to harvest and dry them to eventually use for popcorn. When it was dry enough, I got my son to hull the corn and I put it in our microwave popcorn popping bowl. About 30 seconds in, we heard the popping. We were so excited to see how much of a yield we got, but we were soon disappointed that it appeared the kernel of the corn popped within the shell, but did pop completely–sort of like the crunchy, half popped popcorn at the bottom of the bowl.

The Boy and I looked at each other to see who would try them first. They looked…well…strange.


So glad I tasted them first–it’s like the home made version of corn nuts.


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