Crazy Snow Day in Southern California!

We’ve lived in Temecula for seven years, and while I’d heard some rumors about crazy, freak snow storms, I thought maybe there were a few flakes and a dusting. Nothing like what I woke up to this morning.


It basically snowed from about 1AM to 8AM, and of course the kids were delighted…




By the time Maxi woke up to the snow, I was going down for a nap, so she escaped the snapshots. What occurred last night is an event that happens once a decade or two.

Of course I was excited too, but I was super worried about my vegetable garden, which was buried in snow.


Lucky for me I was mostly growing cool season plants, like cabbage, celery, beets, broccoli,kale and carrots. I think my summer plants that were struggling along have given up the ghost, but surprisingly, the snow has done little to no damage! Even the lettuce lived!! The sun is out and it’s now in the 50’s so the snow is melting. There’s a chance it could get down to 29 degrees tonight, so I’m going to the garden center to get some tarp to cover my crops. But…yay!





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