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Danielle Belton Talks Light-Skin Fetish, Politics, Bi-Polar, and Being ‘The Snob’

I LOVE talking to people smarter than me. Surround yourself with enough of them and it might rub off through osmosis magic. With that, I’m thinking of moving to Washington D.C. to hang out with Danielle Belton so I can master the cool/funny/nerd persona that is The Black Snob.

Post her stint as managing editor at TheLoop21, Belton is ready to go hard on her smash-hit blog and finish her book on her experiences being diagnosed, treating, and managing her bi-polar disorder.

Piggy-backing off of last week’s post on the Dark Girls documentary, we talked about her experiences with black men who only wanted to date her because she was light skinned. You have GOT to hear this. It’s an insight you don’t hear black folks openly discuss much.

Danielle Belton BBW interview by Christelyn

So then, (because this IS Beyond Black & White) I asked Danielle what kind of dudes she was into.

What’s your favorite rainbeau, Danielle?

I have a preference for black men, but I’m open to date interracially, just so long as he’s laid back, open-minded, plays well with others, likes his mother, is intelligent, is loyal, has his own life and has facial hair.

(I guess that’s Danielle’s own little fetish)

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