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East Side Vs. West Side: Are European Rainbeaus Better Than American Pie?

A BB&W regular sent me this question, and I thought, “Whoa. This is gonna be good.” This subject has been ping-ponging back and forth by peeps here, and if I got a dollar for every time I heard a reference to “East Side vs. West Side” I would have a maid, personal masseuse, secretary, nanny, house cleaner and personal chef:

You might not want to “go there” on the board, but what have you thought (if anything) about the constant praising of European WM as being awesome enlightened beings rushing to marry BW, while American WM are all cads who don’t approach BW and if they do, only for sexual purposes?

Me personally? This may seem like I’m being flim-flam-my, but I truly can see this both ways. The history of slavery and Jim Crow does influence how blacks and whites relate to each other, and while that’s undergone a rapid change since the 1960’s, when compared to hundreds of years of slavery, 50 years is just a blip on the timeline. The closest nation I can compare to this to is South Africa, where interracial dating, from what I hear, is even MORE complicated and uncommon.

Europeans, in general, are very liberal-minded, and while all this mess originated from Europeans, it seems as if they’ve gotten over the whole slavery/colonialism issue enough to not inhibit them from get-get-gettin-it, and keepkeep-keepin it. The most favor-ite-est countries I hear about as black wimmen-en-es dating mecca are Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, and France. I don’t hear too much about the Eastern European countries, but I once casually dated a guy from Ukraine in junior college…does that count? Meh.

Franco, unleash the hounds!!!

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