Even When I Do Garden Videos, I Can’t Win.

I push interracial relationships. I should just STFU about it.

I hate black men.

I’m desperate.

I’m an inposter.

I’m an enemy to BWE.

I really hate black women. This is all a ruse.

I should be killed for making a video on how white men can be sensitive to the hurt their significant others feel when hate crimes occur.

I promote color over character.

I promote white men above all else, even if they are felonious, toothless and racist.

I’m too old to wear shorts.

And now, folks are complaining that I do garden videos.

“I noticed when you do these gardening videos your views are LOW. Low views means NOT interested and BORING. Alot of black women live in apartments, condos, and townhomes. IF they do live in houses then their yard isn’t big enough for a garden. Gardening is the furthest thing from alot of black women minds because its too much work and effort. Not to mention I’ve read comments from some of your subscribers talking about how boring and pointless your gardening videos are. The comments were posted under different black women videos about interracial dating and they would mention your platform and love all your interracial dating videos but they made it clear that they HATE your gardening videos. I don’t understand why you can’t read between the lines on this. Your interracial dating videos are well over thousands of views but your gardening videos are always in the hundreds range as far as views.”

If I took all this criticism to heart, I think I’d just kill myself.

Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. Admittedly, I’m feeling kind of low. It gets hard always feeling like you have to fight yourself out of a corner. Haters, I hope your day is happier knowing you have ruined mine.

In any case, for those who are interested, here’s my latest on vertical gardening.

Oh. And it got six “thumbs down.”

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