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Fitness Equipment Ideas for Your Home Gym

Even though it’s closer to January 2020 than January 2019, there’s still time to make good on your New Year’s Resolution to shed a few pounds. Following on from this post about equipment-free workout ideas, this article will provide some inspiration for inexpensive gear to add to your home gym.


  • Yoga mat, strap and cork blocks

    It is common knowledge that yoga can do wonders for flexibility and posture. But, not every pose is as easy as the Instagram yogis make it seem. You can use yoga blocks or a yoga strap to modify difficult poses to something more manageable. And even though it may seem that everyone else is lithe and limber, your yoga practice is between you and your mat, so pay everyone else no mind!


  • Speed jump rope

    Though it pains me to admit it, I learned to jump rope properly in my late 20s. Even though it took me over two decades to perfect my technique, I now enjoy jumping rope to get my dose of cardio in.  I one day hope to conquer the elusive “double-under”, which is just jumping high enough to get two rotations of the rope under your feet in one jump, and dubs (as they are abbreviated) are easier with a lighter rope.

  • Kettle bells

    Kettle bells of varying weights are a versatile, portable and inexpensive addition to a home-workout routine. You can swing them in front of you for kettle bell swings. Hold one close to your chest and drop it low to do a goblet squat. If you have a pair, pick them both up and walk a couple hundred meters to do a farmer’s carry. There are an abundance of options with a kettle bell in your repertoire.

  • Exercise ball

    These big, bouncy, behemoths have a lot of bang for their buck. You can sit on one and do crunches. You can hold it overhead and squat. By placing your feet atop the ball, you can do modified pushups or walk your hands back and forth to work your core. Exercise balls are a fun and easy way to work on your balance and flexibility.

  • Dumbbell set

    Most body weight exercises can be modified to include dumbbells. You can target your biceps and triceps with curls. You can hold the weights in each hand and lunge away. Having a set of varying weights on hand can allow you to challenge yourself with heavier weights one day, or tone it down with lighter weights the next.

  • Aerobic stepper

    And finally, you can literally get to steppin’ with an aerobic stepper. Modifying lunges, jumping on and off in rapid succession, or following along with a fitness video on YouTube can help you get the most out of this handy addition to your home gym.

Once again, always consult your doctor before starting a new physical fitness activity if you have any concerns.

Do you have any equipment recommendations for someone freshly embarking on their exercise journey? Sound off in the comments below!

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