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Five Embarrassing Health Issues And How To Deal With Them

African woman with braids in a red shirt is trying a new perfume on an isolated white background

African woman with braids in a red shirt is trying a new perfume on an isolated white background

There are many health issues that can be embarrassing. Some are more embarrassing than others. Some are just embarrassing to the person suffering because they feel like they are the only one with the issue.

The most important thing to realize when it comes to embarrassing health issues is that they are normal and you are not alone. You also can find help for them, whether it takes a visit to the doctor or a simple at home remedy.

Here are five of the most common embarrassing health issues. You’ll learn a little bit of what might be causing them, as well as what you can do about it. Don’t let someone tell you to just deal with your issue, it could be a sign of something much bigger, health wise.


Incontinence can be a urinary thing and a bowel thing, although urinary incontinence is more common. Incontinence is also something both men and women can suffer from, although it may seem like women are more at risk for urinary incontinence.

It can be caused by bladder infections, it can be a side effect of pregnancy, and it can also be caused by obesity. Incontinence can feel like it controls your life. Your doctor can look at possible causes and may prescribe techniques or medications to help relieve you of your issue.

You can try to cut back on the need to urinate as often at home by cutting out caffeine and sugar in your diet. You can also protect yourself from embarrassment with pads.

Smelly Feet

Most people with smelly feet will keep their shoes on for fear of setting the odor free. However, shoes don’t really hide that smell from people that haven’t become nose blind to it. While you can put foot powder in your shoes, you may want to find out what the underlying cause is.

You could have a bacterial infection, like athlete’s foot, that is causing your stinky feet. or it could just be that you spend too much time barefoot in your shoes and they’ve gotten smelly, dirty and stinky. Wear socks with your shoes, unless they are sandals or made specifically for bare feet.

Bad Breath

For most people bad breath is just something annoying. However, it could be a sign of infection or illness, or even a cavity, so it’s important to not ignore bad breath. Bad breath isn’t just a sign of mouth issues, like gum disease, but can also be a sign of internal problems with your liver or even stomach problems.

The best way to deal with bad breath is to see your dentist and get regular cleanings and checkups. If they can’t find an issue try chewing gum, using mints, or even chewing on some fresh parsley.

Vaginal Itch Or Odor

This is a women only issue, so guys can skip this section if you’d like. Vaginal itch can be a sign of a yeast infection or even contact dermatitis. You may find you have an allergy to a body wash or clothing detergent you are using.

It’s natural to have some odors down there, but if you feel that yours isn’t natural make an appointment with your gynecologist. Your doctor is the only one that can determine the cause, and doing something like douching could just make a possible infection spread farther.

Rectal Itch

Rectal itch could, like vaginal itch, be caused by an allergic reaction to a soap, and it’s easy enough to switch to something dye and scent free to find out if that is the fact.

However, if your itch comes with some bloodiness, it could be hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can cause swelling, itching and more. Your doctor may prescribe something for them, but you can also find natural hemorrhoids treatment products that need no prescription.

Don’t let something embarrassing keep you from seeing your doctor out of fear. They are trained to expect these things and they will never shame you for your afflictions.

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