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Former Naysayer Takes Health in Her Own Hands and Thrives!!

Got this note from a longtime reader and Facebook friend, Amber McDowell a few months ago…

I remember a post you wrote about black women needing to become fit and healthy in order to attract higher quality men. I wanted to thank you for that post. It really bothered me at first but as I began thinking about it I noticed there was truth in your words. I also realized how much black women are in denial due to their weight.

DISCLAIMER: A few years ago, I focused the message of fitness and romantic desirability at the expense of getting to the root of the problem for many black women who overeat…emotional pain. I also wasn’t always clear on the modes in which weight maintenance is achieved–always safely and with longterm lifestyle changes to ensure lasting results. I’ve since expanded and refined that message.

I’ve watched Amber work VERY hard to get healthy and she deserves some shine. Here’s her BEFORE photo (April 22, 2013):



Here’s her now:



Amber has been the embodiment of what we promote here. Not only has she gotten healthy, she’s moved to China, found work, some boyfriends, and a new outlook on life. I remember when her notes to me were defeatist and somber, she thought now one could ever love her. Now they reflect a woman who has come into her own and is taking life by the horns and not letting go! I’m so incredibly proud of her.

How did she drop the weight? Well, she practiced the ancient art of eating less and moving more. She also attributes a diet of authentic Chinese cuisine (aka healthy, low fat) that helped things along.

Next year we’re going to be focusing on ALL aspects that keep black women struggling with weight with our “Become Your BEST You” challenge on our new forum. We’ll be sharing stories, tips, recipes, and I’ll be bringing in some special guests and experts. It literally will be the most important thing BB&W has ever done.

And finally, I know it’s hard to stay focused on maintaining good eating habits during the holidays, but one way is to substitute one meal with a green protein smoothie. Here’s an idea you might try…


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