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Greg and Vena: Sometimes You Just Have To Take the Plunge!

After the bad news yesterday, I thought we all could use a bit of good news. Meet Greg and Vena, who wanted to share with BB&W that they took the plunge–into a relationship AND from a plane. I love the metaphors of all this…even when the world might not understand, even when you might have some fear, sometimes you just have to do it.

Greg and Vena

From Vena…

What a happy morning for me. Today, July 1, is our first anniversary! We met online. No, not on Facebook or a dating site. In fact, neither of us was really looking at the time. No, we met a little over a year ago on Skype of all things.

We were both regular broadcasters on the same site who never met each other but, shared mutual broadcasting friends who liked to get together on group Skype calls. We met through them. A year ago today we were in yet another of these calls together and we discovered that we shared our birthdate. It’s a good thing I like older men, because he is an entire 11 hours older than me (smile).

A week later he flew in to see me, and we have been inseparable since, except for the 500 or so miles that we live apart. Well, we’ve met each other’s families, we talk about our future together often, and it’s been a whole year, so what’s left to do but take the ultimate plunge? SO WE DID IT!!!!

To celebrate our being together for a year we plunged 10,000 feet at 120 MPH from a plane and I have the video to prove it! Wait, what did *you* think I was talking about?

Enjoy the video!

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