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Health: Stay Fit Through the Holidays–CLICK Challenge and Giveaway

I love the holidays, starting with Halloween and then the subsequent troth-eating mandatory from November to December. Rest assured, I’m gonna eat Twix and Kit Kat’s, sweet potato pie, stuff myself with stuffing, and eat turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy until I can’t raise my hand to shovel in another bite.

I will, however, also be upping the frequency of my exercise routine and substituting one meal a day with my greens and CLICK concoctions. While on CLICK, I was able to achieve this body:

That was last summer, but I’ll be darned and a monkey’s uncle Larry if I lose what I worked so frickin hard to get. So, since we’re all sisters under BWE, so I say we work together on a challenge to eat well (except on those wonderful holidays) and exercise at least three times a week for 20-30 minutes.

My recommended exercise routine (works for me)

1 day cardio yoga

1 day pilates

1 day Barre Method cardio

I highly recommend videos from Acacia–all of them I’ve tried have been excellent.

These three practices WILL give you a ballerina body, not short, stumpy muscles that make you look stocky. As a woman, your best look is long and lean–with curves in all the right places.


CLICK it, baby! No secret I love this drink, and guess what? They want to give THE FIRST TEN PEOPLE a free, full-sized can of CLICK to jump start the program. You 10 will be my partners, and we’ll be checking in with each other once a week on Facebook just to keep each other honest injuns.

But don’t fret if you don’t make the first ten–you can still join us, because is is offering 10% and free shipping for all of us, because…well…they love me. And the feeling is mutual. Click the ad on the right and key in code BBW for the discount. You can use it again and again for the next three months.

As if that’s not good enough incentive, CLICK is giving away two CLICK Bling Tshirt – made with Swarovski crystals.


So…ready set go! First 10 gets the prize!

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