How to Plant Healthy and Delicious Tomatoes in Time for Summer

tomatoesTomatoes are by far the most popular plant for spring and summer gardening, and with good reason. It’s far from a one-hit wonder; a healthy tomato plant will give you a high yield of fruits well into the fall, and in some warmer places, winter. I grow them for their high nutritional value and cancer-fighting capabilities.

My famous (in my family) tomato sauce

My famous (in my family) tomato sauce

My tomato sauce is a favorite with the kids, and rivals anything you could ever buy in a jar. Last year I couldn’t even preserve any because the kids kept asking for the fresh stuff and used up all my crop! So this year I’m going to grow 50% more, so I can have some jar of sauce and sun dry some for a healthy, sweet snack.

Here’s a challenge for you. I want you to grow your own tomatoes this year, and when they’re ripe, I want you to go to the store and buy some. Compare the two, and I’ll bet you’ll never want to buy another store-bought tomato ever again.

Sundried Tomatoes

my sun dried tomatoes

Now that my tomato seeds have grown up nicely, I’m ready to put them in the ground–er–I mean planting bed and pots. Take a look at my latest video tutorial. I’ve also included an example of how to companion gardening works in a planting bed.

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