I came, I saw, I grilled.


OK grill masters…..and mistresses. Good weather is here and its time to post your best grill recipes.  Tell us about your favourite dry rubs, wet mop, equipment, techniques and grilling sites. You name it.

Don’t grill?  No problem. Give us the name and location of the best bar-b-que restaurant you’ve dined in. No reason why we cannot create the first ever Beyond Black and White National Bar B Que map for our readers who travel. Just one more reason to get out there.

Got an opinion on the best state….or nation…. for grillin’? Then debate away

Not into meat? (pity) That’s OK too just grill something that grows in the ground or swims in the sea.

We are even going international with this one so if those of you who come from other lands want to chime in with your favorite local fare that we in the States should try then bring it.


Oh, photos and family stories will be appreciated.


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