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When IBM Nonsense Doesn’t Go Over Well with White America

There is yet another “relationship” book by black men aimed at black women. As soon as I heard this one has eight – EIGHT – co-authors, I knew vomit-inducing nonsense was ahead. Sure enough, The Today Show interviewed three of the authors and the never-married, so-called “IBM” (Ideal Black Man), Frank, did not disappoint.

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Watch how Savannah and Matt, the anchors, are completely turned off by this guy who, at first, has no idea his behavior could be considered unbecoming. Note the things that are perfectly commonplace for him – like getting the max out of a woman – that in proper White America are considered douchey, Barney Stinson-type behavior:

  • “No matter where a woman is in life, she should always be able to cater to her man’s needs … prepare his meals, draw him a bath and massage his feet now and then.”
  • “Men will cheat because to us, it’s just sex; there’s no real emotional attachment so we see it as harmless.”
  • On handling the bill on a first date: “If a woman insists, let her.”

I am begging – BEGGING – black women to please stop supporting projects by black men looking to exploit our desires to be properly loved and cherished. At this point, all of these books sound like this:

Relship books

To our lurkers: skip the rope-a-dope and take your hard earned $20 bucks to a paint with wine class or something. There are better men to be had than the black male unicorns who require you to twist into a pretzel to prove you are worthy to even breathe their air.

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