IRR Book Review: Tempted by Samara King




Lauren Jimerson


(Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism and a brief reference to F/F intimacy.)

Tempted by Samara King is the second book in the Scarlet Ties series. It is a story of love, lust and vampires who are trying very hard to resist each other. Despite it’s warning of graphic sexual activities (and trust me the sex is good), the story comes off a bit contrived and cliched. The two main characters are self adsorbed, good looking vampires who rarely do any vampire stuff. Their friends only exist to confirm how attractive they are. Mainly they just banter about how much they want to have sex with each other.

Noely Lamont is the future queen of the Companions. Who are the Companions? It is never really explained but implied that they are an ancient race of vampires who can walk in the sunlight. Being the future queen, she has the duty of marrying a Deiwalker, a vampire who can also walk in the day. It isn’t her first choice of marriage, but Noely has a commitment to her mother and her people. She is led to believe that Cyrus Rayven is her chosen mate.

Yet fate throws her a curve ball. Noely discovers it is Cyrus’ twin brother that has her mesmerized. Cyrus Rayven is attractive, cocky and dangerous. He has a bad opinion of Companions due to one breaking his heart centuries before. Consequently, he has sworn off love ever since. But there is just something about Noely Lamont that Cyrus can’t shake.

The two love birds don’t date. They don’t talk about their feelings, childhoods or have regular conversation. They simply have sex. It is a love story built on sex, sex and more sex. There is even a very hot voyeuristic scene accompanied by a potential girl on girl rump. So is this book any good? If you just want a story that gets straight to the sexual point, then yes. However, if you want a story that has a little more complexity and layers, then this isn’t the book for you.

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