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Heart To Heart


Ife Oshun

 Heart To Heart 11

Paranormal romance Heart To Heart is Book Two in the Angelica Brown series, and the sequel to YA fantasy BLOOD TO BLOOD, the recipient of 4 and-a-half-star reviews from the likes of the San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, and more.

Will Angel learn how to open her heart to love?

When her immortal mom falls into a death-like sleep, 16-year-old up-and-coming pop star Angelica Brown is forced to come of age on her own without the support and protection of her powerful parents.

In this sequel to Blood To Blood, Angel has mastered her epic singing voice—a virtual weapon with the power to literally kill every living thing and destroy any object within earshot. Still, as a newly matured Shimshana, she suffers an all-consuming blood lust and wrestles daily with urges to attack the mortals around her. She breaks up with her boyfriend—18-year-old music producer Sawyer Creed—and loses the nurturing friendship of her BFFs. But after an unexpected reunion with her immortal blood donor Justin McCarthy, their previously shelved passion is re-ignited—and in the wake of its scorching intensity Angel breaks the love triangle and finally discovers the depths of true love.

What other’s have said:

“…exciting and fast-paced” ~IndieReader
“…well written and…excellently involved story ~ Goodreads

Sneek Peek:

I took off with one mission: to get home as soon as possible.

For the past three months, so much of my time was spent at Sawyer’s, people referred to it as “Sawyer and Angel’s place.” However, publicly and legally, my home was still with Mom and Dad. Like all Shimshana, the first part of my life, before The Change, was spent as a normal mortal. My parents treated me like a new adult, but I had to keep up the appearance of life as a sixteen-year-old.

Putting into overdrive my new ability to go through solid objects, I chose the most direct route—a little under a mile—from Boston’s Back Bay to the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill, where Mom and Dad lived. I decided to run northeast—right through the line of brownstones attached to Sawyer’s.

Taking a deep breath, I ran rapidly toward a closet door and passed through it as if it weren’t there. I shot through the next brownstone (as well as its inhabitants and their belongings) and the next one, so fast everything, and everyone, was a blur. I continued this way through to the end of the block of buildings. Without pause, I propelled my legs even faster and leaped from someone’s living room, through their wall, over three lanes of traffic, and directly into the Boston Public Garden across the street.

I’d never run like this: so fast it felt less like moving forward and more like being pulled through space by my intended destination. Passing through mortals whose eyes and senses were unable to detect me beyond a small gust of wind, I went straight through the massive, stone pedestal of the George Washington monument before skimming the top of the pond that housed the Swan Boats. The night air was cool, but I burned in urgency to get home.

What could possibly be wrong with Mom? I tried to see what Cici was seeing. Our mind lock allowed her to see everything I saw, and sometimes the ability was reversed. But, like Dad, Cici was a powerful telepath. They didn’t technically read minds; instead, their minds were wired in a way that enabled the thoughts and brain waves of living beings to be attracted to them like metal shavings to powerful magnets.

They also could block people from seeing into their minds. And Cici was blocking me now.

Angel, just get here. You’ll see everything soon enough.

She was protecting me from something. Something having to do with Mom! Heart racing with fear, I jetted forward faster, pushed by adrenaline and momentarily blinded by a haze of blood-red tears. Hurtling through speeding vehicles, tree trunks, and a guy sleeping on a park bench, I cut a razor-straight path through the northwest corner of the Common.

Frustrated my speed couldn’t compare with Mom’s or even Cici’s, who flew at the speed of light, I crossed Beacon Street before racing up the hill to my parents’ brownstone mansion, where they’d lived since the early 1800s. Its red door at the top of wide, stone steps loomed ahead for a fraction of a second before it bared down on me and, like every solid object I’d approached within the past couple of minutes, succumbed to my ability to make it of no consequence.

My sneakered feet skidded to a full stop in the foyer, where Cici stood waiting for me.


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The Author:




 Ife Oshun is the author of the YA modern fantasy novel Blood To Blood and short story tentacles. Starting out as an actress, the Fine Arts and English major attended the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University before going on to work for over a decade as a music journalist for national magazines and major websites. She served as Editor-In-Chief for online music magazine HiphopRnbSoul.com. She also produced, and wrote for, television and theater. A couple of her sci-fi/fantasy plays were produced Off-Broadway and in Los Angeles, and she did her Writers Guild of America internship with Star Trek Enterprise and Voyager. Her work incorporates fantasy elements with some combination of the following: humor, social issues, family themes, metaphysical concepts, and pop culture. She lives in Boston with her family and ink-black cat, and can be found online at her personal website www.ifeoshun.com.


Her inspiration:

“There were a few inspirations for the series in general. The first one was the singer Aaliyah. I’d gotten the idea for this back in 2001. Back then I was working in television, and right after Aaliyah’s death the story of a young singer who goes against all odds to follow her dream came to me as a television series. The Cosby Show also served as an inspiration for Angel’s family, and the old Dark Shadows series inspired the dark side of the family and the supernatural secrets they have.”


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