IRR Romance: Nichelle Gregory’s “Soul Sweet”

     I’ve been asked why I write multicultural romance more than once and for a longest time I struggled when giving my answer. I was concerned as a black author, that my interracial stories somehow showed a lack of support of the black family, of the black man. I celebrate and cherish both, but I worried about my books with mixed heroes and heroines being looked upon by members of my own race as ‘sell-out’ stories.

     In truth, I’ve penned tales with the hero and heroine being of the same race, both white and black, but I’ve found myself gravitating to writing stories with mixed couples.


     Well, because I grew up thinking I should only give my heart to a man who looked like me and I feel that limits the potential of love. I think it is tragic many black women continue believing only one type of guy is capable of giving them what they desire, especially when a large number of our male counterparts have no trouble crossing the color line to find contentment.

     I think it’s hard for a lot of people to imagine a relationship with someone of another race and I strive to write books showcasing such delicious possibilities. I pen tales of true love, great sex and amazing relationships with diverse characters in the hopes that maybe just one reader walks away with a mindset they didn’t have before concerning members of the opposite sex of all shades.

     Soul Sweet was created with this idea in mind. This book combines my philosophy of having an open mind when it comes to finding true love with my joy of cooking! I adore culinary shows, great food and the atmosphere usually involved when sharing a scrumptious meal with others. I wanted to capture the intensity of a cooking competition while mixing in the spice of undeniable desire between Misha, a contestant, and Cameron, a master chef. I delighted in the opportunity to explore the feelings of two individuals genuinely drawn to one another and willing to work through the questions or hesitations involved with dating someone of a different race.

     Many would say interracial relationships face too many challenges but that’s the reality of all relationships. Why limit your potential for happiness based on race?

     Misha and Cameron’s sizzling romance is exciting, passionate and unforgettable! Their story explores what happens when one has an open mind which equals an open heart ready to savor the infinite, sweet possibilities of a love as unique as the individual daring to take connect with the soul.

– Nichelle Gregory



Soul Sweet: Book One in the Souls Entwined series

Savour the flavours, spicy and sweet…a taste of what’s yet to come.

About the book.

“A passionate cook with the desire to spread her wings, Misha Ryan decides to compete on a popular television cooking competition for the ultimate title of Celeb Chef. The culinary stakes are high, but Misha feels more than capable of handling any challenge thrown her way, until she looks into the eyes of Celeb Chef Judge, Cameron Banner.

After dealing with an emotional divorce, Cameron isn’t looking for any serious entanglements, but everything about Misha makes him want more. She’s adamant about limiting any diversions that take her focus off the show, but the unexpected mutual attraction between them distracts them both as they add spice and turn up the heat in an attempt to satisfy their insatiable appetites for one another.

Misha is devastated when evidence of their involvement has a disastrous effect on the final decision for the winner of Celeb Chef. When Cameron’s motives come under suspicion, she confronts him, putting a strain on their budding relationship. Celeb Chef is over and Misha realises winning isn’t everything, especially if she’s lost the love of a lifetime.”



Soul Sweet

Misha tapped the bottle of wine with her finger when Cameron fixed his gaze back on her. “Well, I should take this Chardonnay back up to my sister, who I’m sure is waiting with her glass in hand.”

Aww.” Cameron gave her the ultimate look of regret. “Well then, I suppose you shouldn’t keep her waiting any longer.” 

Misha laughed. “If I run into you again tonight, I promise I’ll share a drink with you, no questions asked.” “I’m going to hold you to that.” “Fair enough.” Misha took hold of the wine. “Goodnight.”

Cameron lifted his Martini up to her. “Goodnight, Misha.” 

She pivoted, walked away from the bar and Cameron’s deadly charm, conscious of every step in her heeled boots. Was he watching her leave? She refused to turn around and satisfy her curiosity. Misha made her way to the elevator, pushed the button to bring the lift down to the lobby then reached into her back pocket and cursed.

My phone! 

Misha turned around, took a step and yelped when she ran right into Cameron. She instinctively brought her hand to his chest, disorientated less by the unexpected contact and more by the feel of his hard body pressed close to hers.

“Whoa.” Cameron took hold of her arm, steadying her with one hand.

You startled me.” Misha hurriedly moved her hand off him. Her breath hitched in her throat as his fingers pressed into her flesh. Disturbed by her atypical physical reaction to a man touching her, Misha fought back the urge to wrench her arm from his grasp. She deliberately kept her eyes on his face, an outward show that she was nonplussed by his touch.

I’m sorry. I wanted to catch you before you got on the elevator.” He released her and held up her cell. “Looking for this?”  “Yes.” Misha took the device from Cameron, glad that he’d stepped somewhat out of her personal space. “Thank you.”

No problem.” Cameron grinned. “You do realize what this means?”

She did, but frowned as if she had no clue what he was talking about. “I have no idea.”

Cameron lifted an eyebrow as the elevator dinged behind them. “You are a terrible little liar. I know you remember your promise and you literally ran right into me.”

Misha shook her head with an amused smile. “Do you always take things so literally?”

Whenever I can. It’s the best way to cut down on confusion.”

I was half joking when I said I’d have a drink with you if I ran into you again tonight.” Misha briefly averted her eyes from Cameron as the elevator doors closed behind her.

I wasn’t.” Cameron cocked his head to the side. “Are you seriously getting ready to break your promise to me, Misha?”

A curl of heat wound around her body as she stared up into his dreamy eyes, momentarily at a loss for words. 


His gaze upon her was electric.

Cameron took a step closer to her. “What is it about having one drink with me that makes you so skittish?” 

Misha tightened her grip on the bottle of wine as a million unconventional reasons to be skittish popped into her mind. “You’re a judge for Celeb Chef. I’m sure having a drink with a contestant breaks some competition bylaw.”

No law that I’m aware of… And besides, who’s going to tell?”

Misha ran her fingertip over the wine label. “Someone from the show might see us.”

“I’ve got a solution to that.”  Misha’s eyes widened as Cameron held up his hand.  “I wasn’t implying you coming up to my room either.” There was a seductive quality to his voice that hadn’t been there before. “That is what you were thinking, wasn’t it?”

Misha cleared her throat, deciding to bypass his question with one of her own. “Are you one hundred percent positive we wouldn’t be breaking a rule?” 

Cameron chuckled. “Do you always follow the rules, Misha?”


About the Author:

Nichelle Gregory

Nichelle Gregory has been in love with books and writing since middle school.  An avid reader, Nichelle used to hide all of her romance novels under the bed from her parents, who didn’t approve of her reading material.

Living in Chicago, Nichelle loves being in the Windy City, except from December to February…one word: snow!  A lover of the arts, Nichelle enjoys anything that embraces the creative nature within us all.  Her top three interests would be: music, decadent desserts, and of course writing!  When she’s not engrossed in a book, Nichelle enjoys paranormal, sci-fi and romantic movies with a glass of wine.

Penning her first erotic story in 2008, Nichelle finally gave into the desire to write wickedly sexy tales with romance, heart and lots of heat!  She enjoys creating stories that involve super sexy alpha heroes with divine heroines in magical, exotic, and fantastic scenarios.  Bringing believable characters to life who thrill and excite her readers is a challenge that continues to push Nichelle.

You can always expect a simply sexy story with a fast-paced plot, engaging characters discovering love or lust when you slip into a fantasy with Nichelle Gregory!



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