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Jordan (Cute Guy) Harbinger Gives the Scoop on Body Language: Straight; No Chaser.

Jordan Harbinger, body language expert, radio host, all around man's man

I’m beginning to get the feeling that this body language issue is of particular import to us rainbow swirlers. I get tons of questions from women who aren’t quite sure how to interpret the come-ons of non-black men. Conversely, black women are often at a loss on how to communicate to rainbow men that they have the green light to get their mack on. Do we twirl our hair? Deliver notes via homing pigeon? Throw edible panties across the bar table? Whaaaat?

Let’s face it. If you’re a black woman who has, until now, exclusively dated black men, you know that men of our race are…uh…pretty assertive about their interest. Extreme but all-to-common example: Raise your hand if you have ever had your ass or boob grabbed by a TOTAL stranger at a club who thought it would be a REALLY nifty way to let you know he wanted to take you out so you could pay for dinner? (sorry I know I’m wrong for that; the guy who grabbed MY particular ass offered to take me to Denny’s)

How many times did he call you a bitch when you slapped the melanin off of him? Okay; okay. I need to stop before the Trollpanians march up in here with their pitchforks and torches.

Because I love ya’ll so much, I scoured high and low for a body language expert who happens to be a man, who happens to have dated black women, and who happens to be pretty darned cute, to give some straight up advice on the body-language dance, straight up, no chaser.

Please give a warm, snuggly BB&W welcome to (the single) Jordan Harbinger (as in, of things to come). He is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a week-long, residential bootcamp where the instructors break down insecurities and teach men how to be more confident and charismatic He also has a radio show on Sirius and XM Radio, and provides a clearinghouse of manly advice and general self-improvement on a site called the PickUp Podcast.

Take a listen to what he has to say about body language cues as it pertains to black women and non-black men. If you’re at work and your fire-breathing dragon of a boss won’t let you listen, here’s the nugget: Girls, it’s basically on us, so now the only thing is to decide on is the cherry or lemon-flavord panties…just kidding! Wait….

Take a listen here. Jordan H. Art of Charm_blog

Thanks, Jordan. You’re welcome ’round these parts any time. Be Jordan’s friend on Facebook.

DISCUSSION: I’m saving the remaining audio to tie-in with a future love-in-the-workplace blog, because Jordan is MILITANT against workplace flirtations. His advice? Just don’t do it. Eh…I’m not so sure. What to you guys think?

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