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Lessons in a Case Study in Magical Thinking: Fantasia’s Looking for Child Support!!

Wow. I. Am. So. Shocked. SHOCKED!!! Her new MARRIED baby daddy will not marry her or pay child support. I saw this coming like a train wreck, seen by helicopter or a bright, blue, cloudless sunny day. I feel absolutely NO SYMPATHY for this woman. She is a hot ghetto mess who KNEW BETTER. This is just plain stupid, low-intelligence behavior. She may be talented, but when it comes to managing relationships, she’s an idiot. You know who I feel sorry for? Her two kids who have to be raised by this insecure excuse for a woman. I’m glad Wendy Williams called her out on this foolishness, but I fear this chick is just too far gone. She hasn’t had a hit record in 50 record-label years, and I think she’s passed her shelf life.

This “baby daddy” is also a joke, and his wife is equally a silly goat for staying married to him. What’s the deal? Is his phallic parts made of gold or something?! Are these chicks so dyk whipped they can see this LOSER for what he is? It’s time black women wake the cuss up and identify predatory males and just say HAYELL NOOOO!!!

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