Low Carb, Hight Nutrition: Roasted Carrot and Leek Soup with Feta and Bacon

My beauty garden is going strong and the carrots and leeks I’ve been growing are ready to harvest. I’ve been trying to think of creative recipes using carrots besides just side dishes, and that’s how I happened upon an idea for roasted carrots and leek soup. As you know, carrots are the ultimate “beauty food,” chock full of Vitamin A. But leeks get honorable mention, too. They have a respectable amount of sulfur, which contributed to healthy hair growth.  I Googled and found a great recipe which really brings out the natural sweetness of the carrots and round it out with the mellow, savory leeks. What’s more, this soup, coupled with cheese (I used feta) and bacon, gives you a complete meal comprised of both veggies and protein. Check out the recipe here.

First I roasted…I used olive oil infused with basil to add an extra layer of flavor.



Once cooled, I added the mixture to my Vitamix (you guys have to get one…it’s amaze balls)



I slowly added chicken broth to the mix until smooth. Then I fried the bacon and sautéed sage leaves (cook until dark green, not brown)



And finally…




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