On Men Popping the Quesion: Which Race Gets it Right (Or At Least Less Wrong)

‘Tis the season for proposals, is it not? How many of you ladies are on the edge of your seat, waiting with baited breath for your guy to make it official so you can flash that bling under the nose of your envious co-workers? Well, depending on the race and culture of your rainbeau, you might feel a little let down, says Robert Gosling, author of  “How to Propose Without Screwing it Up: 50 Common Mistakes you Won’t Know You’re Making and How to Avoid Them” released October 2013 (https://www.wowproposals.com)”

“We went to busy Times Square over the course of a week and surveyed 2000 married women who identified their mates as either “Black”, “White” “Hispanic” and “Asian” (500 each group). We asked them to rate their marriage proposal as either satisfactory (they were not disappointed with any aspect of their proposal) or unsatisfactory (they were disappointed in some aspect of their proposal), and came up with the following astonishing findings.”


According to Gosling, many women proposed to by Black or Hispanic men complained of proposals that were not creative, the size of rings, feeling like their men waited too long to pop the question or were only asking because of extenuating circumstances (pregnancies). Women proposed to by Asian and White men mainly were disappointed in the place or location of the proposal and that it wasn’t romantic or original enough.

I happen to be part of the 26% kinda dissatisfied with my proposal, mainly because it occurred on September 11, 2001. Don’t ask. Anyway, who cares? The wedding was amazing and the marriage has been amazing-er. In the end, it’s the marriage, not the proposal that counts.


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